X post 5 days out from Abdominoplasty

nicole W.
on 6/25/12 7:23 am - Bismarck, ND
   Wow, this was not nearly as bad as I was expecting. I ran out and bought supplies, and prepared my family for the worst, and was convinced this was going to be horribly painful and a hard recovery. 

So glad I was wrong. Being me, I did have a complication. When the surgeon got in the abdomen for my Abdominoplasty, he was cutting around the belly button, and cut through what he was expecting to be scar tissue. Instead, apparently my fascia was paperthin from my previous emergency laparatomy following my leak, and probably worsened by my recent pregnancy. When he cut, he went through the fascia and into the abdominal cavity when my intestine became exposed. It was slightly nicked, but he was able to repair it without any problems. He then had to do the muscle corsetting from the bottom instead of the top to find healthy fascia. Surgery took almost 4 hours instead of 2.55-3, but he did an amazing job. He did keep me an extra day to observe me, and because I have had previous septic shock and was terrified. 

He put in an extra drain as a precaution. So far, I am getting around really well. He was impressed when he came to discharge me. I have been able to get around with minimal pain. I have been able to shower and take care of myself. I am already amazed by the results, and can't wait for the swelling to go down. He is planning to remove at least two drains on Thursday, since they are putting out very minimal fluids. 

Best part of all? My back pain seems to be SOOOOO much better!!! (pics on my profile)
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on 6/25/12 9:43 am - Moorhead, MN
Nicole!!! Your 3-day post op pic is amazing!!! Your tummy looks so GOOD! I am happy this worked out for you so well and your pain isn't as bad as you thought.
Continue to heal well and enjoy your new waist line and flat tummy!! Color me jealous!
      Began my journey in 2008 at 246#....lost 111#...have regaind about 35#'s of which I am currently trying to rectify!
nicole W.
on 6/26/12 6:49 am - Bismarck, ND
 Thank you. What a ride!!

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Connie D.
on 7/1/12 7:48 am
Nichole....it has been a long time since I have seen you here!!!

Congrats on the Abdominoplasty!!

I need one so bad but no money to have it done.

Miss you...HUGS......connie d
nicole W.
on 7/2/12 2:51 am - Bismarck, ND

Great to hear from you! I was lucky that insurance paid for most of it or I wouldn't have been able to afford it either.

Miss you too!
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on 7/2/12 12:17 am - Eagan, MN
Congratulations!  Good for you, enjoy!
nicole W.
on 7/2/12 2:51 am - Bismarck, ND
 Thank you so far so good.

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