on 6/3/14 12:20 pm
VSG on 05/20/14

Doesn't seem like many/any of the discussion boards are very active other than the main boards.


5'10" Male : Consult Weight 428 1/16/14 : Pre-op m1 -3, m2 -12, m3 0, m4 -27 : SW 386 : m1 -25, m2 -22 m3 -15 4 -12: LW 278 CW 320 : Total Loss 108

on 6/19/14 6:19 am

I agree. My Lap Band surgery is next Friday and I was looking for some Minnesota people to connect with as I start my journey.

on 6/23/14 7:36 am

I also agree! Can we get this board more active? I am scheduled for surgery on July 30th, would love others to talk and connect with that are closer by.

on 7/1/14 4:21 am - Eagan, MN

Hi all:

If you are in the Twin Cities area, we have a very active group that meets every Saturday morning for coffee at 8:30am in either Eagan or Burnsville.  The group has a private Facebook group that we use to communicate, because the OH boards used to be so slow.  This week, July 2nd, the group meets at the Caribou coffee in Byerly's at Town Center in Eagan.  (That's on Yankee Doodle Road and Pilot Knob.) All are welcome, whether you are pre- or post-surgery and whatever surgery type you choose. 

This group is very active in other ways:  if Saturday mornings don't work for you, we also have weeknight dinners occasionally, and we meet to do walks, bike rides, runs, pool parties, camping, etc.  We are family-friendly, too.  This Friday a number of us are running in the Red, White and Boom Half-Marathon in downtown Minneapolis.  Don't worry, you don't have to be a runner to join the group, but we will talk about exercise quite a bit.  :-)

If you can join us, we'd love to have you.  If you'd like me to add you to the private Facebook group, just PM me your email addy.  Let us know where you are located and where you are in your journey!

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