Open Support Group, Saturdays, 8:30am, South of the River

on 9/8/14 1:24 am - Eagan, MN

Hey All:

For those of you new to the Forum, there is an Open support group that meets regularly, alternating locations between Burnsville and Eagan.  It is open to anybody at any stage of the WLS process, whether you are exploring options, immediately post-surgery or many years out.  Any surgery type is also welcome.

Saturday, September 13th we will be meeting in the Caribou Coffee location inside Byerlys at Town Center in Eagan at 8:30am.  Saturday, September 20th we will be in the Panera Bread located in Burnsville Center, just off County Road 42 in Burnsville at 8:30am.  We also have other activities quite frequently, including weekday dinners for those who find Saturday morning difficult.  Please join us!  Last Saturday we had quite a few new people come, including one person who was just two weeks out of surgery. 

If you are interested in joining us, please post here or PM me.  We do most of our communication in a private group on Facebook and I will add you to the group there. 

on 12/23/14 3:21 am

HI, I am new to OH. I have not had surgery yet. I am approved by my insurance for the lap band back in July, but then I decided there was to much maintenance and restrictions to the Lap Band. I took a step back to research having the Vertical Sleeve surgery. Does this group still actively meet every Saturday and do you know if anyone who goes to the group had the Vertical Sleeve surgery?

on 12/29/14 4:25 am - Eagan, MN

We have lots of "sleevers" in the group, I think MNMomof2 is one of them.  We still meet regularly every Saturday morning, 8:30am and you are absolutely welcome.  Bring your questions, we have lots of people who will answer.  This coming Saturday, January 3rd, we will meet at the Eagan Caribou inside Byerly's on Yankee Doodle Rd.  Hope to see you there!  We also have an active Facebook group if you use FB.  You can PM me with your FB name and I can add you to that group, if you like--it is a secret group, only members can see that you are part of it and see your posts.

on 12/29/14 9:34 pm, edited 12/29/14 9:55 pm

Thank you for the response. I will plan on this Saturdayat Caribou. my old stomping grounds. When I moved to Minnesota in the late 80's I lived in Cedar Bluff TownHomes off Yankee Doodle. I'll head over to FB and see if I get find the group there as well. I am excited to talk to some sleevers  or even 1 would be great! Thank you very much hope to see you Saturday 😊

on 12/29/14 9:55 pm
on 12/30/14 3:10 am, edited 12/30/14 3:10 am - Eagan, MN

You will not be able to find the group on FB unless you PM me your facebook id.  I will have to add you as a friend to my friend's list, then I can add you to the group.  It is secret, which is good.  We discuss things in there that we would not necessarily discuss with the general populace, LOL.  See you Saturday!!

on 12/30/14 7:29 am

I can' t figure out how to find you on FB I have a smart phone on Saturday we can connect on FB in the secret meeting place. See you Saturday! 😊



on 1/13/15 1:09 am - Eagan, MN

You need to send me your FB name by personal message.  If you have already done that, I apologize, I will check for sure.  Since the group on FB is secret, you will not be able to see it and I can't add you until I "friend" you on FB, you accept me, and then I can add you.  This is to ensure that our support group is supportive!  Some people don't want to post personal things if people will see it who don't understand, or some people have not told everyone in their life that they had WLS.  So the group is secret, but we are happy to add anyone who is on the WLS journey!!

on 1/13/15 1:21 am

My facebook name is Karen rekowski I live in buffalo MN. My weight loss journey is a secret my husband is the only one who know. People can be very opinionated about WLS. Can you let me know where the meeting is this Saturday.

on 1/13/15 4:06 am - Eagan, MN

This Saturday's meeting is at teh Caribou located inside Byerly's in Eagan, off of Yankee Doodle, beginning at 8:30am.  Watch for a Facebook friend request from me, and then I will add you to our group on FB.  Thanks.

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