Hello, newbie here. :)

on 5/30/15 7:36 pm

Hi everyone! My name is Tanya and I am new to the group.  I am 31 and I am from Minnesota. Would love some input/advice/anything. Anything is appreciated!

I am at my all time high weight of 334 (I believe...I haven't weighed in awhile) and I am miserable. Ugh...hate even typing that out. I finally hit my rock bottom, as I call it. My health issues are: Chronic Migraines, PCOS and horrible Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Diarrhea.

I have been considering having RNY surgery for a long time and last night I finally made the decision that YES, I am doing this! I am 100% ready for this. Last night I watched the online seminar that is on my hospitals website and requested the health packet. I am going to call first thing Monday morning and get something scheduled for a consult.

My husband had RNY surgery 3 years ago and lost over 220lbs so I know it works! He went from barely being able to walk far distances to being a marathon runner. So proud of him.

This is not my body and this is not me. I am miserable. I have some anxiety about going through the process...mainly how long it will take, not getting approved, etc. What should I expect when I start this? Also...I am hoping that they are willing to work with me and my insurance in the fact that I met my deductible for the year, so I am hoping I can have surgery yet this year. is that reasonable?

Thanks for reading my long post. I have been reading posts all day and you guys are all amazing and so supportive of one another. Also are there any local groups on fb as well?

on 7/27/15 8:14 am - Eagan, MN

How is it going with your process?  I hope things are progressing nicely for you!

Yelena K.
on 9/9/15 9:51 am - Plymouth, MN

Hey girl. I'm your age and had WLS in 2008.. down 140lbs. My life has transformed. What area do you live in? There are several FB groups and people who get together here and there throughout the Twin Cities.

2019: 11 years out and maintaining a loss of 150lbs.

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on 11/2/15 1:28 pm - Minnetonka, MN
VSG on 12/10/15

I am also from Minnesota and new here!! I would love to hear from you and be supportive. I have not yet had surgery, got a date of 12/10/15!!


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