Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN approval questions

on 5/6/16 7:36 am



Hey Guys!  I am new to this site and am in the beginning stages of my weight loss surgery journey.  I have BCBS of MN through my employer and luckily gastric bypass and the vertical sleeve are covered. (haven't completed decided on which I want)  I have gone over the medical policy that was sent to me from the BCBS but I still have questions.  My main question is what documentation needs to be gathered to present to the insurance company.  I have already gotten my letter of medical necessity from my PCP.  I am in the process of getting my psych evaluation completed and I am in second month of the 6 month medically supervised diet.  Other than the BMI qualifications, which I am more than meeting, these items are the only thing mentioned as qualifications for approval.  However, I have seen other ppl on this site talk about gathering medical records and other items.  I am just curious as to what all I need to be gathering over the next few months.






on 7/12/16 10:16 am
VSG on 08/04/16

Hi there, I have Federal BC/BS and the process is similar.  The items that your doctor asked you to provide like health records, things that chart your comorbidities; history of weight gain/loss; diets, etc. are put in your file and that information is presented to the insurance provider for approval.  I have been on this journey since last August (my choice) and my surgery date is August 4th.  I am having my surgery at Park Nicollet and everything they asked me to provide and complete was given to the insurance company.  Don't worry so much, everyone's journey, even insurance requirements, are different.  Good luck!


on 8/30/16 8:36 pm

Wow I am having mine done at the same place! I hope your surgery went well and you are feeling good. My surgery is September 8th. 

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