Does anyone participate in this board?

Mary S.
on 6/6/17 7:56 am - Eden Prairie , MN
VSG on 05/15/17
Hi, I am looking for a group for coffee and conversation. Are there any casual groups out there? Hope so.

Original surgery 12/5/06 - 238

VSG 5/15/17 - SW 213.5, CW 203.5, GW 140

Gina J.
on 11/17/18 11:01 pm - Apple Valley, MN

Mary, and any other interested others,

I know your post is over a year old, but I too would like a casual coffee conversation group to meet with. I would be happy to try to organize something if people would email me . I would like to hear from at least 10-12 people so we can hopefully get 4 to 5 at a meeting . I live in Coon Rapids. Perhaps a trade off between north and south areas or a good midway point?

It's so close to holiday time , maybe a few people might want to meet before Xmas?

Please reply here or email me with contact info .


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