My recommendations (VSG and Plastics)

on 1/25/19 6:38 am

Hi! Just wanted to post my 2 recommendations here.

Had my VSG at St Louis Park Methodist with Dr Jones, and had a great experience. I'm almost 8 years out, and no complications.

Had a 360 body lift (torsoplasty) and BL with Dr Fasching in Plymouth a little over a year ago, and no complaints. There was one part in my torsoplasty that resulted in a weird "indention", and Dr Fasching fixed it for no charge after the rest of my healing was done (note, I did pay approx $300 to have the revision in the clinic instead of his office, but was willing to pay the extra for being in a more comfortable environment).

Please let me know if you have any questions :)

CW: 130ish HW: 264 SW:254 Hgt: 5'2

Goals-Dr:159-MET Mine:140-MET!!! Final Goal: 135-MET!!!!!

W4:-22 W8:-11 W12:-10.5 W16:-12 W20:-11.5 W24:-9.5 W28:-8 W32:-7.5 W36:-8 W40:-7.5 W44:-5 W48: -4.5 1Yr/W52: -7

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