Need a Missouri bariatric surgeon - suggestions?

on 7/4/11 1:39 am - MO
Hi all,

I'm 6 yrs post RNY gastric bypass done at New Start (St Alexius Hospital - NOT a great experience) in St. Louis.  Shortly after my surgery, my surgeon retired, and I switched my care to a physician in Paducah, KY.  Did great with his care until he quit practice in 2009.  Since then my care has been managed by primary care physician.  This hasn't really worked well, since bariatrics not a familiar specialty to him.  I really need to find a bariatric surgeon in state.  I live in Southeast Missouri - so none located anywhere close - but am looking to the St Louis area again since it's the closest (2 hours away). Just do NOT want to see anyone connected with New Start.  Please, any suggestions appreciated.   Thanks!

on 7/5/11 12:09 am - Nixa, MO
Hope someone can help you. I had mine in Springfield.

Adamsamah, Lana
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on 7/5/11 1:06 pm, edited 7/5/11 1:07 pm - MO
Hi Lana,

Thanks for the good wishes.  I have a best friend who lives in NIXA!!  Small world.

All the best, Myra
Susan W.
on 7/5/11 11:42 am - Tulsa, OK
Hello i had my surgery at coulmbia mo and my husband had his done in sedila mo welcome any more questions just ask
on 7/6/11 10:40 am - Springfield, MO
I had my surgery in Columbia as well. You may want to call your insurance company and ask them for help in locating a bariatric program in your area. I really am not familiar with SE Mo at all.
on 7/7/11 6:42 am
Dr. John Price of St. Lukes Hospital on the Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri give the best care.  His staff is marvelous as well.  My husband had his surgery three weeks ago and I go in on Tuesday.  Dr. Price has also done three of my friends' surgeries.   You can google him and read about his qualifications and his practice. 
on 7/13/11 4:11 am - saint peters, MO
I recommend Dr Morales at DePaul Weight Loss Institute. Dr De La Torre is no longer there. He was my surgeon, but Dr Morales took his place. Him or Dr Scott. Either are great!
Jo from UK living in MO!         
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on 7/14/11 12:51 pm, edited 7/14/11 12:51 pm - MO

Thanks for the recommendation ... I've pretty much zeroed in on Dr. Scott.  Good to know Dr. Morales is there too.  Gathering my records to send up to them and see if I can get an appointment.    Maybe we'll run into each other one of these days.

Thanks again!

on 7/14/11 10:20 pm - saint peters, MO
You're welcome! Good luck Myra! :)
Jo from UK living in MO!         
SW 232/ GW 140/ CW 140! 
on 8/6/11 1:54 pm - MO
Dr. Sorenson at St. Luke's in KC--He's in the same office as Dr. Price..
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