got my surgery date!! and a few questions

on 8/13/11 8:20 am - MO
So I got my surgery date on thursday it will be september 6th!! with my preop class being on august 22nd... BTW september 6th is my b-day to ;)

Anyone else on this board have surgery thru missouri bariatrics in columbia?

kind of curious what to expect in the pre op class and they said after the class we will go over to the hospital for last minute test and a chest xray? anyone know what the tests are or what for?

and anyone know what i should expect the day of surgery? i mean will they just hook me up and wheel me in so to speak or is their more test before and if so what?
sorry for all the questions im just curious and nervous. lol
Susan W.
on 8/14/11 11:05 pm - Tulsa, OK
Sorry i did not see you write i had my surgery at columbia through missouri bariatrics when my husband and i lived in missouri.pre op class they will tell you want to do before and after the for the day of the surgery they will talk to you as they get ready to take you in.they are very nice.i was just as nervous as you are.the test are just to make sure everything is ok for surgery they are all routine.i had all the xrays and test done too.

it was the best thing i could have done for my health.i was on insulin shots blood sugar pills blood pressure pills and pills because there was too much fat in my blood.i do not take any of them any more.i just take my will have to take them all the time after surgery.and get your protien in.

they will tell you all about that at your classes.

we will be praying for you.hope what i said will help you.any more questions just ask away.i will answer them for you if i can.

have a great day and god bless.susan
on 8/14/11 11:30 pm - MO
Thankyou susan. Back in april when I started this journey It seemed it would be forever until My date got here now it seems it flew by. lol I keep having mixed feelings and my emotions are crazy right now. Ive never had this long to actually sit and think about having surgery before I think thats my problem. All my other surgerys were " emergency" type things, lol This 1 I have had months to think about. lol Anyways thanks for replying to my post and talking to be about your experience. I love the staff up their they are all so nice and helpfull.

on 8/16/11 5:17 am - Nixa, MO
Didn't have surgery in Columbia but wanted to say that being nervous is normal and if you have questions, ask at your class and on this board and we will get back to you eventually. Some of us don't read every day and are even worse about posting but real questions will get answers. The main things to remember are walk alot right after surgery, sip water, and don't worry about how much you are eating. Then, your goal will be 64oz of water, 60-70 grams of protein, and all your vitamins EVERY DAY!!! You will probably have to do protein shakes/drinks and they should be whey isolate protein for your best results. Also, I personally never took chewable or liquid vitamins - my doctor didn't care and I'm cheap so I just got whatever Sam's/WalMart had and chopped them in half at first. Just get in the water, protein and vitamin habit early on and keep at it. I'm 4 years and 8 months out and have maintained with only a 10 pound bounce back from my lowest (which was too low) weight.
Incidentally. I saw your ticker and I believe at your weight and age you'll lose much more than you have anticipated. If you follow the rules and exercise regularly you'll be a tiny one.
Hugs and prayers,

Adamsamah, Lana
"WLS is about making better choices, a healthier lifestyle and seeing how little you can eat.  Portion control is the key to all weight loss surgeries.  Bottom line - it isn't how much you can eat - it is how little you can eat."


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