Susan W.
on 10/3/11 9:13 pm - Tulsa, OK
Hello to was your monday.mine was good work went fast most of the time it does when i go in early.i dont open till sunday again.but i do have to be there at 800am the next two days.

the weather around here has been so in the mornings and nice and sunny and a little warm in the afternoons.just enough to where we can have our windows and doors open and let some fresh air in.sure gives the elec a break.

lana sounds like you all had a good time when you went to hear the music.have you come down off of cloud nine yet with hearing that your friend is know you are excited.have a great time with their vist.

barbara how are you and your family doing these days.

i better go for now.have some things to do around here while i am off work.we love ya all and miss you.have a great day god bless.susan.
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