Susan W.
on 10/14/11 7:23 pm - Tulsa, OK
Good morning to all.hope everyone is having a good weekend soo far.i am on here early because i have to open at work today.i like doing it because i get off early.

how is the weathe where you all live has been pretty nice here.the mornings have been a little cool and the day time a nice breeze.now they are saying sunday a high of 90.guess mother nature was us toi get one more hot day.lol.they are saying by the middle of next week on in the 60's and one night down to 38.burrrr.

hapi131 we are praying for you to get a quick approvel for your surgery.please let us know when you have a surgery date.we will make room for you on the loser's bench.welcome to the board.

lana how is school going for you.will be time for the holiday break before you know it.we know you are excited and some sad about your retirement from there.

shannon soo good to see you on here again.sorry to hear about the year you have been having.we are praying for you and it will get better.sounds like you are making some good stuff.as for a garden we did not have to much of one this year.we just moved into this house a few months ago and the heat did not help what we had in our garden.

everyone have  a great day.we love and miss you all.god bless.susan.
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