Joplin MO

on 10/18/11 6:09 am - Neosho, MO
Does anyone live close to joplin?  and if so what doctor did you first go to?  and where did you find a surgeon to do your surgery?  I am looking into the RNY by pass, heard it is the best. and pretty easy surgery where you dont have to go back for several other things like tightening and slippage.
let me know
Cecelia B.
on 10/18/11 7:34 am - St Louis, MO
I live in St Louis but was born and raised in Joplin.  I started my search with Dr. Hargroder in Joplin.  He is a former transplant surgeon and now does the Mini Gastric bypass.  He is VERY smart, compassionate and open to giving his cell phone out to his clients.  He does not take insurance, at least he did not in 2006 when I was researching him.  I still wish I could have had him as a surgeon.  However, I had many reasons to have surgery in St Louis instead, so that was what I did, cancer, medicare etc.  I would highly recommend talking to his staff and looking his website up.  David Hargroder, was on McClelland before the tornado.  His office was destroyed --I do not know where he is now.

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on 10/18/11 9:28 am - Neosho, MO
yes i have heard of him, and have talked to his staff matter of fact this year. he still doesnt take insurance, and it cost a little over $17,000,  they want $8500 up front and $8500 day of surgery.  I have pretty good insurance, and being a diabetic, blood pressure and cholesterol, they will cover me.

on 10/20/11 10:26 am - Waynesville, MO
Maybe try Doctor Edwards at St. Johns in Springfield, MO.  I didn't use him, but I've heard lots of good things about him.  The hospital is excellent.
on 10/27/11 6:53 am - Nixa, MO
I had Dr. Edwards in Springfield and I like him. They take insurance but I don't know about Medicare or Medicaid, if you have those. There are two doctors in Tulsa that people in our Circle of Friends support group have used. If you're interested in their names I can try to get them for you.
Good luck,

Adamsamah, Lana
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on 11/27/11 2:08 am
I live 15 min. from Joplin but I traveled to Springfield for my surgery and my surgeon is Dr. Chris Edwards. He is an excellent surgeon. I have used Dr. Hargroder before...he is the surgeon who did my gallbladder removal and personally, I didn't care much for him.
on 10/27/12 12:16 pm - KS

I work in Joplin in the health field, and there isn't anyone here in town i would use.  Dr. Edwards is the best.  He will be doing mine!enlightened

on 10/27/12 12:51 pm - Neosho, MO

I found Roller weight loss clinic in Fayetteville Arkansas, They do accept insurance, they do everything possible to make sure your ready for surgery.  this is the doctor I will be using for my RNY sugery.

thank you

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