I finally went through with it!!

on 11/22/11 5:35 pm - dexter, MO
Hello everyone.  I've been a member now for going on 2 years, and have been dragging my feet about the actual WLS.  Well I finally did it. I called Dr Follwell and made my appointment. I already have all my blood work and cardiac tests done. So on the 30th I go see him and get set up for everything. The lovely ladies at his office are expediting everything, and have told me to expect my surgery date to be right befor or shortly after the NewYear. I thought I would be more scared now, but instead it's like a weight is already been lifted off my chest,(forgive the pun...lol) Im so excited i've even began buying my protein shooters. I know it's a long and interesting road ahead, but i'm so ready to begin this part of my life. Any and all advice is not only welcome but greatly needed. Btw whats the best way to prepare for the actual surgery? Happy Holidays to all of you!! I know what i'm asking Santa for Christmas..lol
Susan W.
on 11/22/11 7:35 pm - Tulsa, OK
Hello welcome to the board first of all happy thanksgiving to you and your family you are doing the right thing and the best for your health.i used to be on insulin shots and all kinds of other meds now i just take my vit's.i rather take them.as for getting ready for your surgery i had lots of sugar free kool aid to drink sugar free jello and sugar free pop cicles.they are all things you can have while you are on your liquid diet and great for a while afterwards.we make the sugar free kool aid and put it through a blender or magic bullet with a scoop of protien powder and it makes a very tasty drink a good way to get your protien down or i make coffee and put my powder in it we get the powder from walmart sometimes i will get the choclate flavor makes the coffee tastes great.again welcome to the board we have made room for you on the loser's bench.have a great day god bless susan
on 12/2/11 8:01 am - dexter, MO
Thank you Susan for the warm welcome and advice on getting my protein in everyday. Thankfull my hubby keeps protein powder around for his workouts so i've been experimenting with it. I totally agree with putting it in your coffee, almost makes it like a treat instead of a necessity. All i'm waiting for now is my cardiac clearance and my psych eval. I go the 5th for my echo and the 8th for the eval. The closer I get the more excited i seem to be getting. Dr. Follwell was a sweety and made me very comfortable. It helps that he's a cutey to boot..lol.
on 1/18/12 9:42 am - Sullivan, MO
 Is Dr Follwell still with St Alexius?
on 1/20/12 12:16 pm - St Louis, MO
 According to the website he is. I just talked to them the other day as I am starting my process with them, and I think she mentioned his name then as well....
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