Revision surgery from lap band to VSG

on 12/4/11 8:23 pm - Rogersville, MO
I am looking for the best revision surgeon in MO. I have a lap band that was placed in Monterrey Mexico August 2002. I did really well until about 2 years ago and my weight has started to go up. 
I am not able to have too much restriction due to GERD. Is there anyone out their who has had a revision, That can help?
Your help would be appreciated.

on 12/19/11 12:00 am - blue springs, MO
Revision on 04/23/12
 Hello!  I live in the Kansas City metro area.  I'm not sure how far you're able to travel, but my doc is Christopher Kowalski at KC Bariatric.  He's an excellent doctor and a very kind man and the staff is terrific and very supportive.  Their number is 913-677-6319.  I had to have my band removed due to reflux issues and am planning to revise to the rny early next year.  Best of luck to you!!!

on 12/19/11 4:57 am - Rogersville, MO
 Thanks for your reply. I am about 3 hours from KC and go there every couple of months so it wouldn't be that bad of a drive. Do you know if he performs the Vertical Gastric sleeve? I was hoping to find someone that would remove my band and do the VGS at the same time. 
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and and Happy New Year.
on 12/19/11 12:45 pm - blue springs, MO
Revision on 04/23/12
 He does do the sleeve.  Their website is  There's lots of info on there about the different surgeries and there's also seminar info too.  Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year as well!  

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