First appointment on the 15th

on 2/8/12 10:41 am - St Louis, MO
 Looking forward to my consultation on the 15th. Only a week away! I will see Dr. Follwell at newstart as well as the diatician and have my Phsych test done. So I believe all my requirements will be met that day other than fresh bloodwork and they will send for my DR's records after the appt. So excited to see what happens and how things go. 

So what all will Dr Follwell do during his hour to hour and a half visit with me? Will there be any test run or anything like that?

on 2/17/12 9:03 pm - IL
VSG on 07/24/12

How did your visit go.

I am also going through DR Follwell and is currently in my 3rd month of my diet.  My first visit was spent with my advocate Kristen and Nutritionist Lauren.   I only was able to spend about 10 minutes with Dr Follwell.  So far no bloodwork or test have been done.

Good Luck

on 2/18/12 12:09 am - St Louis, MO
 It went really good. Everyone at Newstart was really nice. My nutritionist is also Lauren and I have talked to three different patient advocates and Kristin is one I have talked to. I need to lose 44 lbs to be ready for surgery they need my BMI at 60 before we can schedule surgery. They tood my tsh level when I was there and that is the only bloodwork I have had done. The patient advocate told me I may need a sleep study, so I may have to do that before surgery. 

I really liked Dr. Follwell, he seemed to be very nice. He examined me then said all should be a go for surgery as soon as I lose the 44 lbs. Thankfully my ins no longer requires any supervised diets. I do have a 6 month attempt at Tops online, but all my ins requires now is showing that I have tried attempts on my own and failed. 

So I am very excited and can't wait to have all this done and get in for my surgery...

I hope all is going good for you on your diet, and that your surgery will go great.
on 2/18/12 3:00 am - IL
VSG on 07/24/12
Very Good...

I tried to go through Depaul a couple of years ago and was denied for lack of a 6 month diet.  At the time I just couldn't figure out what had happened.  They told me I was a ideal candidate but when the denial came they dropped me real quick.

Newstart on the other hand did there homework and told me up front what I needed and what I needed to do.  So far so good.  Lauren has worked with me every month and has been great.  I to needed to lose about 10 or so lbs for the surgery and I lost 12 in the first month of the diet.  This last month I was afraid to go as  I knew the results was not as good as the first month.. I ended up losing another lb and Laren and Dr Follwell did hammer me about it and told me to keep up the good work.

I am on track for late May early June as far as the surgery goes.. Right now I am looking at having the Sleeve done but would change to the Bypass if Dr Follwell suggested it would be better. 
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