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on 6/26/13 9:49 pm - St Louis , MO
DS on 03/26/13

I KNOW there are people out there reading posts.  How about a moment to stop by and introduce yourself.  Lets get this site rolling again.  I want to hear about MO, what are you all doing, not just WLS.  Are you farmers, gardeners, going on exotic vacations or like me work from home.  I am 3 months revision to DS from VSG (really a two parter DS surgery)  Down 60 lbs since revision surgery.  Come on jump in the water is warm!! crying

on 6/30/13 2:28 am - Lamar, MO
RNY on 08/21/13
I am I'm southwest Missouri just waiting on a surgery date. New to actually posting. Having RNY would love some support or encouragement!
on 7/4/13 10:03 am - Grain Valley, MO

It would be nice to revive this board.  It was very active 5 years ago when I had my surgery, but the lady that kept it going, moved and no one participated.  I rarely check it, but would if we could get it going again.

My RNY was 7/8/08.  I lost about 70 lbs. and have maintained my loss, except for a few lbs. up and down, since 2009.  I would like to lose another 20-25 lbs., but not sure that will ever happen.  I eat according to plan, but I don't exercise like I should. 

I live in Kansas City with Max, my husband, and 2 Shiz Tzus.  I retired from my job last August and love retirement.  My hobbies are quilting, reading, scrapbooking and cooking.  I do a lot of quilts for children which I donate to various charities. 

I volunteer with Literacy Kansas City and Sheffield Place. 

You have done great losing 60 lbs. in 3 months!!




RNY: July 8, 2008

Dr. John Price

Kansas City, MO

on 7/4/13 11:46 am - St Louis , MO
DS on 03/26/13

What can we do to get it going,  The lady that kept it gong moved to Ecuador for her and her husbands retirement.   I LOVED her stories about her gardens.  As I gain my mobility back I look forward to this fall and planting some bulbs for the spring.  I had sod put down this spring as the sweltering heat and draught killed by Zoysia lawn last year. I have a hard time believing I will be able to do more and more things.  I fear falling down and breaking a hip or just not being able to get up.  I live alone at this time.  I cannot even make a decision about what to buy if I should order from LB again as re sale shops do not carry my size in used clothing. I keep thinking that I will never be a smaller size so I keep wearing my clothes that are 5 sizes too big.  I can really be called a bag ( baggy) lady in my clothes.  I wonder if others have the fear of failure, and cannot plan for success.   

on 2/8/14 12:11 am - MO

I will be having rny in march 3 . Any helpful hints will help me. Glad to see post  from others !!!  I live in north centel missouri .

on 2/8/14 1:13 am - Kansas City, MO
VSG on 05/06/14

Doing my pre-op supervised diet for the sleeve. Grew up in KC and live in south suburbs. And as you guessed from the profile pic I have a dog! His name is Bo. I only grow weeds in my garden. :)

What shall I return to the Lord for all his bounty to me? 

I will lift up the cup of salvation and call on the name of the Lord,  I will pay my vows to the Lord in the presence of all his people. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful ones.  

O Lord, I am your servant; I am your servant, the child of your serving girl. You have loosed my bonds. -- Psalm 116:12-16

Theresa K.
on 10/22/14 12:23 pm - MO

I had my RNY in May of 2005 at DePaul by Dr De La Torre before he moved to Des Peres Hospital. I can't believe that I will be 10 years out in May of this coming year. I just started a new job after being off work due to a layoff for 11 months. I am trying to get back on track since the past few years I have noticed that the weight started creeping back up, but I still feel that this surgery has been a positive thing because I am still 100 lbs lower then what I was when I went into surgery.


So where are all the others that used to be on here posting their updates. I would love to see some old familiar faces back posting again.

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