on 8/29/13 9:45 am - Whiteman AFB, MO

Will I go to KU Medical!!!  I had an anchor cut tummy tuck and the results were NOT what were expected.  I have another 1 pound or so of skin they need to take off and went in today to do an in office visit to take care of the problem instead they took one look at my belly and said I have way too much skin and have to have it done in the OR.  It is going to cost me ANOTHER $2000 to fix the problem.  I left in tears cause it took all my savings to have this procedure done and its not even fixed.  Then the Dr. told me even if he does take off the skin it still may look saggy....wth????  Has anyone ever had this problem with thier anchor cut???  Im completly devestated and cannot afford to keep paying for something that should have been done right the 1st time.  He could care less I was in tears and not happy with the results.  We went over EVERYTHING including my weight which has been stable for the last 2 years.  THey even reweighed me to make sure and compared it to my last 8 month visits.  I don't know what to do!! Please give me any advice!!!

on 8/29/13 12:27 pm - Lamar, MO
RNY on 08/21/13
I have no advice sorry. However I wanted to tell you that you deserve better care than that. I would see another doctor hun. Sorry.

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J J the Jet Plane
on 10/6/13 11:19 pm

Can you mention who your doc was or feel free to PM me, I went there but my weight is still going down so we wait. But I felt totally comfortable and at ease there. If you can try Monarch PS in Overland park they repaired something for me after an injury. So Sorry this happened, I know so many who are happy with their results.

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