Hiatal Hernia question

on 9/11/13 6:04 am - MO

I had an Endoscopy done, and as I expected, I have a hiatal hernia.  Has anyone's doctor in this area not performed the WLS because of the hiatal hernia?  Or have they delayed your surgery because of it?  Thanks!  :-)

Amy 2bhealthy
on 9/12/13 4:01 am - STL Metro, IL
VSG on 09/13/12
It is VERY common to have a hiatal hernia and many Dr's probably expect to find them. Mine wasn't found before surgery, but found one in my revision surgery, so it was fixed at that time too. I haven't ever heard of anyone not having surgery due a HH, that is just another item they will fix during your surgery! Good luck!


Revision: Realize band to VSG....loving my sleeve!! 


on 9/17/13 10:36 am - MO

You're correct.  Thankfully I found out at my follow-up appointment that I have a medium sized hiatal hernia, and that it (can) be fixed during the weight loss surgery, so that was a relief to hear.

Thanks!  :-)

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