private pay!

on 5/5/14 3:04 am

I'm needing a surgeon who does the sleeve at a reasonable price! Help! 

on 5/14/14 10:16 pm - Land of Oz, KS
DS on 04/20/12 with


Stanley Hoen, MD, has been the sleeve surgeon for many people in this area.  is showing a self-pay price of $11,999 right now.



Starting Stats: Ht: 5' 0" HW: 242 ~ SW: 229.9 ~ CW: 117 ~ Goal: 124.9 ("normal" BMI)
% EWL @ 03 months: 36%             % EWL
 @ 09 months: 80%
% EWL @ 06 months: 63%             % EWL @ 12 months + 2 weeks: 100%

on 5/18/14 8:54 pm

I had my SURG done by dr Darin Minkin in St. Louis. Love him and his staff are awesome. When I was in the hospital each day I had at least 3 physician visits. I've never been in the hospital where I've had so many dr visits. He did my surgery but then went out of town so the covering dr and residents kept good tabs on me.

hope you find someone you like within your budget.


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