5 years out - difficulty swallowing - gaining weight

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Hello weight loss friends. I am 5 years out from a lap band placement and I am experiencing some very disturbing problems. At first my weight loss was great but in the last year I have gained back 65 pounds of the initial 130 that I lost. I still do not eat bread and I limit my portions, I eat as much protein as possible and I stay away from sugar for the most part. The weight gain does bother me but the worst part is I'm having such difficulty swallowing. I can not drink anything cold or it simply does not go down and every bite I take I have to chase with a glass of very warm water to make sure that it goes where it is supposed to. I am constantly getting stuck on small well chewed bites. I had a swallow test done last September and the results were not great. I was told that there is a lip or a growth or something just above the band that is inhibiting my ability to swallow. I attempted to call my surgeon and ask him what steps I should take next only to find that he had retired and that now it is impossible for me to get my records from him. To top it off I have moved to a different state and now have no insurance. I am Not sure what route to take now. I'm beginning to think that my only option is to have the band removed and a gastric bypass performed. I also wonder if I shouldn't have my esophagus stretched. I had a general physician put me on phentermine and was taking it for a little over a month only losing 8.3 pounds. I stopped taking it when it made my heart pound and made me shake which are very disturbing to me.the physician who prescribed it didn't seem concerned with my lap band and even said that I should eat a normal diet like everybody else. no one seems to be listening when I try to explain that I can't eat anything without being stuck every 2 to 3 bites. I have no idea where to go from here I am disappointed disillusioned and concerned. Is there really no medical help left for me out there without insurance? Is this destined to continue forever? Help any advice is welcomed.


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I have not had a single offer of advice since my post. Thank you. I regained my insurance and saw a surgeon here in Missouri and he took out all my fluid. That helped with the choking until he gave me a 1ml fill. Now I'm back to square 1 and I've gained a total of 64 lbs. in two years. I am going to request to have my band removed and basically demand to have a bypass. I'm done playing.

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Jennifer, I'm so sorry for all your troubles.  I don't have advice, but just wanted to let you know that someone cares.  Praying for you.  I hope by now you've found answers.

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Hope you are doing well and that the bypass worked for you.


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