Weight gain during 6 month supervised nutritionist

on 3/20/18 6:48 am

Just wanting to know if anyone here has been denied for gaining weight during the 6 month supervised nutritionist visits. I have Anthem BCBS insurance and I'm so nervous. ? I have an appointment tomorrow morning (2nd visit because they don't count the first month) and I've gained 3lbs. Help please.. ?

on 7/5/18 8:37 am

Just wondering... how did things go?

on 9/18/18 7:49 am

Hey KayLavonne,

So sorry I'm late. So much had been going on that I actually forgot about this site.

Update: I had the surgery done September 5. And I am now a little over two weeks postop. It's going well surgery wise however I am experiencing a lot of back and shoulder pain. Some of which seems a little unbearable at times. Went to my Doctor 2 days ago she says it's gas.

Also, as far as gaining weight before surgery... I actually fluctuated (2lbs up and down) in loss and gain. My insurance didn't seem to make it a big deal at all.


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