Billings WLS Support Group - 630pm - City Brew in the Heights!

Tyna S.
on 7/6/10 2:58 am - Billings, MT
Title:   Billings WLS Support Group - 630pm - City Brew in the Heights!
Date:   Wednesday July 7, 2010
Time:   6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Repeats:   This event repeats every month on the first Wednesday.
Location:   Where: City Brew ( 405 Main Street ) in the Heights. Right in front of Target, next to Baskin Robbins.
Notes:   Who: Anyone that wants to come. It's totally informal. Doesn't matter where you had surgery or what surgery type you had/will have. Newbies, Old timers, Post Ops, Pre Ops, Lap Banders, RNY'ers and everyone in between!! EVERYONE is welcome!

Let us know your coming so we can look for you!!

(36 pounds lost before surgery)
Surgery 2-3 cc, 1st fill 2 cc, 2nd fill 1 cc, 3rd fill .7cc
Lindsey M.
on 10/8/10 10:04 am - CA
did anyone attend this?

 *I Love My RNY!*  
on 11/14/10 2:06 pm
I have been leaving messages all over the place trying to find information about what is available for weight loss surgery in Billings.  Can you give me some information about clinics, or doctors?
I called St. Vincents and spoke with a young lady a few months ago and it was my understanding that St. Vincent's wasn't doing weight loss surgeries.  Tonight my husband asked me to see if I could find a doctor closer to us in Miles City, and it looks like maybe St. Vincent's has incorporated surgery into their menu for their obesity clinic but I couldn't tell for sure.
I am a participant in the Why Weigh Program and hope I can find a doctor to contact so I can see what other hurdles I need to jump before I can get this done.  I don't think I have a bad attitude, but I have been dieting, unsuccessfully, for forty years.  I won't ever lose the weight I need to lose without surgery, and when I have it I am absolutely committed to doing whatever it takes to make it work.
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