Need Help finding a Surgeon!

on 7/23/10 5:36 am
Shortly after my last post I was able to get in touch with the doctor in question and was told that he does know how to do the VSG but has never done it. So if anyone knows of a Surgeon who does VSG please please let me know.
Tyna S.
on 7/25/10 8:05 am - Billings, MT
I don't know that there is anyone in Montana that has done the VSG.  Maybe in Missoula? 

I had Dr. Rohrer for my lapband and I think he's a great surgeon.  I was so excited to see that he has trained for VSG that if I ever needed, I would be his guinea pig and have him do VSG.  But he did such a good job with my lapband surgery that I wouldn't need a revision. 

From everything I've read, VSG is a great procedure.  Good luck to you :-) 

(36 pounds lost before surgery)
Surgery 2-3 cc, 1st fill 2 cc, 2nd fill 1 cc, 3rd fill .7cc
on 11/18/10 1:31 pm - Missoula, MT
RNY on 04/04/12
If there is one in Missoula please let me know
Elizabeth N.
on 12/22/10 3:58 am - Burlington County, NJ
Can you go out of state? If so, I'd like to mention Dr. Steven Simper in Salt Lake. I would be super duper wary of being patient number one for any procedure. But I know the distances are tough out there. I grew up about an hour from Bozeman and am planning to get back there within the next few years, and this is an issue I'm thinking about, the availablity of surgeons, medical specialists, etc. I live about an hour from Philadelphia now so I have my choice of every possible world class option in every specialty....It's a comforting feeling, but dang the stuff you have to endure to be in a place with that kind of choice :-/.
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