How Do I Post A Message to the Montana Board??

on 11/14/10 1:40 pm
I am a Montana resident and would like some information about weight loss/surgery facilities in Montana, but although I am a member of the Obesity Forum  the Montana Forum within that seems to indicate that I have to also 'join' the Montana I clicked on that and tried to join and it said I was already a member and would need a new email address.

I have been visiting with Dr. Rohror's office and they are sending me a packet of information about lap band surgery.  I have my insurance in place, and I am currently a participant in the Why Weigh Program.  I am very much hoping to have the lap band surgery early in 2011.  My husband, however, wants me to see if I can find a surgeon in Billings, as that is much closer than Great Falls.  Since we are older and will soon be facing winter roads I understand his feelings about that. 

When I look on the St. Vincent's sight all I see is something about joining a weight loss group...going to meetings...and participating in a lifestyle change.  Where can I find out what, if anything, is available for surgery in Billings.    I have been going to weight loss groups for forty years.  I lose for awhile then I hit a plateau and get discouraged.  I am tired of being hungry all the time.  I know that only 5% of people are successful at keeping it off, and I really don't want another group, I want the surgery.  Thank you for any information you can give me. 
on 11/17/10 8:33 am
I believe it is called the weight loss center in Billings. just call one of the Hosp information and they could tell you. My sister-in-law had her's at St. V  (RNY) 
Do research on surgery Lap Rny and such,
Good luck on your journey.
on 11/17/10 8:50 am
Thank you.  I found the St. V info, and have an appointment to attend the group meeting tomorrow night.  I am hoping the roads will improve a little bit.  Thank you,
Elizabeth N.
on 12/22/10 3:49 am - Burlington County, NJ
Hey there. I'm a native Montanan who landed in NJ (pity me LOL). Does it have to be Billings? There are options in Great Falls and Bozeman as well.
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