I'm back.....sort of

on 6/19/11 12:52 am - Belgrade, MT
RNY on 10/15/12
I was on there about a year ago.  Never did have surgery because we didn't have the upfront money for all the things my insurnace wanted me to do to be approved.

I'm in Belgrade MT.

Well, now I'm back because I'm just gaining more and more weight.  I don't know how much we can come up with, but trying to find out what options there are out there.

I have private insurance and WON'T cover any weight loss treatment (including WLS).  I also have Medicare part A and B, which I've found DOES cover WLS if you meet certain requirements.  Well, I do for sure.  Anyone else have Medicare pay for their surgery?  What did you have to do before they would cover it?

The website said they will cover 80% (I assume this is after deductible and copays are met).

I don't have any clue how much WLS costs to begin with.

I would have to go to Great Falls since that is the only "Medicare center of exellence."  My parents live there, so they could help out with watching my kids and helping me if I need it.

Really the financial part is what is holding me back.  Especially how much I need upfront.  I'm hoping to set aside some money every month, but if we are taking thousands of dollars that I need to come up with after Medicare.....it's probably not doable.


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