Surgery tomorrow morning!!!

on 10/14/12 4:22 pm - Belgrade, MT
RNY on 10/15/12
 Anxious and worried.  My surgery done in Great Falls in the past (19 years ago) really sucked (laproscopic gallbladder removal).  Hoping this time is better.  Have had a C-section and donated a kidney (open surgery) since then, so hopefully I can handle whatever comes my way.   It's still scary!  I'll be in Benefis East tomorrow morning until Wednesday morhning if all goes well.  Fingers crossed, prayers said, wood knocked on!!!

My doctor is Dr. Rorher.  I've heard good thing about it....I just don't really know him.  Have only met him twice.

Anyway, I better get to bed!  See you all on the other side!!

Shelly, mom to two special needs kids in Bozeman MT

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