Decided to join Weigh****chers

Krista C.
on 4/2/11 10:17 pm - Quispamsis, Canada
I made a decision this week to join Weigh****chers this week. I hate paying that kind of money ($46 to join and for the first meeting!) but I know the program works and works well. I need some accountability so I decided this is what I need to do right now.

For the past year, I've had several adjustments. I get some in and it's too tight. I get some out. I don't lose and I get some more in, then it's too tight and I get some out. I think I'm at the right level for me now and I have to do some more work on my own. My exercise - although still over 1000 minutes / month - is about 1/2 of what it used to be so I know I need to work more on that.

Anyone else doing the new Weigh****chers? 



on 4/3/11 11:34 am - Canada

I think its great that you have made the decision and being accountable.

I need to be accountable and get back on track - so I have a couple questions for you .

Does WW have issues with bariatric patients joining - I ask only because on OH I had read before that someone had to join Tops as WW would not let them join- I know she was very upset but I am not sure if it was that particular meeting place and what it was about.

I know when I have peaked at their Menus- I was always concerned it was too many calories and carbs- I know band and rny are different - but will you do modifications or does the plan work for a bandster.

Thanks for any info - I have had 20lbs regain - mostly due to the fact I stopped exercising when I broke my tailbone - also had some late night snacking that I didnt do before - anyhooo 3 years in June and I am up 20lbs from my lowest!

take care,

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Krista C.
on 4/3/11 6:56 pm - Quispamsis, Canada
I didn't mention that I had lapband surgery and I can't imagine why they would have an issue with that at all to be honest. Especially for me being out 4 years. In the beginning, when I was losing a lot of weight, they may have but now I hardly ever lose so it won't be an issue :) I can't imagine not being allowed to join. Think of the money they lost on that person!!!

I think it's an individual decision because I never ate less than 1600 calories and didn't focus on carbs or anything like that. If your particular diet is lower in calories than they "prescribe", I don't think I would waste my money on it. It is very expensive and if the diet isn't one that suits your life, then I would do what works better personally for you.

I am up 43 lbs from my lowest so I had to do something.


on 4/7/11 2:03 pm - Saint John, Canada
 St. Joe's Community Centre runs a weight loss clinic about every 2-3 months at no cost. I am starting there on April 27. I already did the Craving Change session last fall. It is run by 2 Dieticians.

referral sent March 2009/ Approval signed March 2013/Surgery May 2013

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Krista C.
on 4/8/11 1:12 am - Quispamsis, Canada
Down 4.4 lbs in my first week and I am thrilled. I ate ALL my daily points, ALL my weekly points and ALL my exercise points.


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