Seeing Dr.Beausoleil for the VSG and scared..PLZ HELP :(

on 9/17/11 3:54 pm - Canada
I have been on the waiting list for weight loss surgery with Dr. Beausoleil since 2006...I finally got my first consult in May and had information session, phycological assessment and signed my consent papers 2 days ago! Surgery is right around the corner and I am scared sh*tless!! I am one phone call away from cancelling everything :( Reality is kicking in and I am having major doubts and panics about 27 years old, I tipped the scale 2 days ago at my heaviest 321lbs!

I am SCARED....I have never had surgery in my life, I am terrified of anasthetic and what if I have long-life consequences because of the surgery? what if I am stuck with severe GERD or vomiting all the time, or worst what if I die on the table or have leakeage, blockages, blood cloths...I am looking for help or if this has happened to anyone, if they could please give me advice. My everyday life is affected by my weight..I am borderline diabetic and I have thyroid disorder, high blood pressure and A LOT of pain everywhere..knees, back and hips mostly. I feel like I can't go on much longer like this but on the other hand I am terrified of having this surgery....I know some people that would kill to be in my position now with surgery right around the corner..I just cant work myself up to being excited I guess and looking for a little advice. What are my chances of regretting? any of you regret it? anyone in worst shape after surgery? Please help?!?!

When I met with Dr.B to sign papers on Friday he reminded me success rate was 70% and the worst that could happen is I could die...I am nto sure if this is why I am feeling this way but I am scared like never before and would really appreciate any help!
on 9/18/11 2:11 am

All those thoughts you articulated are ones that went through my mind as well.  I signed my consent and am booked for pre-op tests in early October with surgery planned for Nov. 

Consider this... if you continue to remain at your current weight the risks associated with obesity will far outweigh any risks of surgery.  I am 39 years old and if I had the opportunity of having surgery that you are having 10 years younger I would do it in a heartbeat.  The wear and tear placed on my body compared to yours is massive.  You do not want to be me 10 years from now and kicking yourself that you did not do this when you wre younger.  You actually have better chances of success and less risk for complications than I.  I had reservations because I know the risks however as the adage goes..."no risk, no reward".  I reconciled this in my mind because I am tired of being tired, of not living the life I should, of sitting and watching life go on around me, of being sore, of being trapped in this body.  I have been pouring over the testimonials from so many patients who have had this surgery and althogh very few have had  complications, the ones who had have never regretted it.  Think about it like this, each day you get up and go out the door you risk accidents etc... life is risk.  Staying overweight is guranteed misery and health problems. Those are the facts, the same facts are having surgery carries risk. I find the odds favoring surgery since I may not encounter any complications but I am guranteed to have serious complications in keeping the weight on without the surgery. 

Keep this in perspective... the medical staff are obligated to tell you and explain all the health complicaitons and risks.  They also are professionals and have the duty to take the best care of you under their care and mitigate those risks on your behalf.  That is not to say that they cannot occur.  They will test you beforehand and understand your propensity to those risks before and during the surgery.  They would not perform the surgery if they thought that your likelihood of encountering any dire consequences would place you in danger.  Surgery is scary, even if it minor surgery.  It is the thought of not being in control and relinquishing ourselves.  There is fear in the unknown.  I see more fear in the known fact that without surgery I will certainly face worst pain and health issues without it.

There is a reason why they screen patients for this surgery.  It is because it is a huge psychological experience and a life changing event.  Personally I feel very ready.  I will say that what is pouring through my head is how will I adjust to a new body and a new world as a thinner person.  I have been overweight all my life and lived in that bubble. I am not sure how I will cope with this brave new world I am signing up for.  What is keeping me focused is my health.  I want to be active and healthy.  Everything else will fall into place.   

Take care and it is a good sign that you are thinking all of this.  It shows that you are trying to make a mature decision and not a rash one.  Keep us posted and never hesitate to post again.
Mary C.
on 9/18/11 5:38 am, edited 9/18/11 5:39 am - Canada
Hi Smallerme_27 - The previous response to your post gave you excellent advice and insight. As someone who had a complication a year post-op - I was intermittently sick for close to a month - ended up with open emergency surgery - it took me a good 2 or 3 months to get back to normal - still NO REGRETS! I had RNY - not VSG - but all surgeries carry risks. You are 27 yrs old - you have a lifetime ahead of you. You have been waiting for 5 yrs - how has your health and well-being changed over the last five years? Add another 50 yrs or so on that - do you want to continue to live with declining health and declining quality of life? It's as simple as that really - for me anyway - I was no longer willing to live the way I was. I only wish I had had the opportunity to have weight loss surgery at a younger age. I was 47 - the years of living obese took a real toll on my back, hips, knees and ankle. My blood sugar and blood pressure - which were both becoming issues - are now quite fine. Good luck to you! 

Carly ~
on 9/19/11 7:52 am
I didn't have much freaking out or worries before surgery.   I barely gave it a second thought.   Just moving my body, lifting my weight, carrying it with me -- was causing me to be short-winded, slow moving, face red, heart pumping... 
I only worried about my son, because his father passed away 3 years ago.  I didn't want to die during surgery and leave him alone.  I made care arrangements for him if that happened.  He was worried, and I explained to him that I could have a heart attack in my sleep, or walking to the car -- and if that were going to happen, I'd have the best chance of survival on the operating table, hooked up to all those monitors with all the specialists surrounding me.
I was a walking heart attack waiting to happen -- and this surgery saved my life.   I don't have one single regret.  Is it a risk?  Sure is..  but so is going to sleep and walking to your car when you're that weight.
You will do just fine.   Keep imagining what life will be like 50 lbs, 80 lbs, 100 lbs less -- and this is what you need to get you there.
I don't hurt anymore.. I had the same pain in my lower back and knees and hips.  I ached just sitting and had very little energy.  I've lost 65 lbs so far, since June 23rd, and feel a million times lighter.  I can walk/stand/move/sit without hurting near as much.  Life is already so much better, and I've only just begun.  Now it's your turn!  Wish you all the best!
on 9/30/11 8:51 pm - Benton, Canada
Hey smaller me, I just realized i haven't been on here in many weeks. We all had questions about surgery, normal worries and doubts. I am almost a year out from VSG and wow no regrets here! I am down 120lbs, just joined the gym with a personal trainer and am feeling reborn. As far as complications, I had none, my body dealt well with the anesthetic and I healed up really fast from the surgery. It was interesting learning to eat again and a challenge. Watching the weight literally fall off was so worth it all. I had fought it and lost my whole life so this amazed me. It is good to take the surgery seriously but not so seriously that you back out of your one chance at a second chance...hope all goes well and Dr. B is a wonderful surgeon. Blessings Trish
HW-362 SW-330  (21lbs lost on pre-op diet)  Over HALF way there!!  
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