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on 4/28/12 1:19 am - Coldbrook, Canada
Hi I have had the lap-band since 2006. Lov it and still recommend it to anyone who needs to loose weight. I am almost to my first land mark. My only complaint is too much saggy skin on my arms and legs. I still have to buy bigger sizes in clothes to accom the extra skin. Not a big moral 
I am looking for anyone who may have had surgery and if there is anyone in NB doing it.

on 4/29/12 5:21 am
Great question!  I already have been to a plastic surgeon for a consult just prior to my surgery about an issue with my breasts.  That appointment did not go well at all.  I was treated horribly by the surgeon.  Even though I was there for a legitimate reason he hammered at me for being obese.  When I told him that I was having VSG - bariatric surgery, then his hampster really went off the wheel.  He is totally against weight loss surgery. He and his assistant gave me a huge lecture about how people like me are basically a waste of their time because we always gain the weight back and ruin their work.  He also told me that I would have to get down to some unrealistic weight for him to even consider the surgery and it would cost me almost $ 20,000.00 for a body lift.  I went back to my family Dr. *****ferred me to him and she was really mad that he treated me this way.  Once I reach my goal weight she will send me to another surgeon.  One thing she did tell me was that Medicare will likely not cover a tummy tuck but they may cover a breast augmentation since the problems with them are posing a real medical issue with my back and neck.  I definately will need plastics.  You need to remember that if you have plastics this will decrease your weight with the extra skin and fat removal.  I hope someone else responds with a better story because I want to go to that surgeon. 
on 4/30/12 5:43 am - Coldbrook, Canada
Hi  runfatgirlrun
Sorry to hear about your experience with that surgeon. I had a breast reducution in Ottawa which was covered by OHIP. I had a tummy tuck in 2001, by another doctor. I was very lucky I was not treated like a second class person. There are good docs out there you need to find the one who will look after you and show compassion.
Good luck with you journey.
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on 6/11/12 10:45 am - Oromocto, Canada
I actually did this backwards.  Because of health issues, like yeast infections, back pain, etc. I had a tummy tuck done three years ago.  I was still heavy at the time 275 lbs.  But although I had tried everything, personal trainer, dietician, TOPS, etc, I stayed at the same weight for several years.  I got a referral to Dr Haswell in Fredericton.  I was working in the medical field and heard that he was really good!  Anyway, when I saw him and told him everything I had tried, plus the psychological problems with the large pannus, he sent it to medicare to see if they would cover the tummy tuck.  Medicare agreed to cover a pannectomy (which is just the removal of the pannus).  I opted to take out a loan and cover the other part to make it a full tt.   It was only about $3500, vice double that for a tt you have to pay on your own.  He did not call me names or indicate that it was my fault or I didn't do enough to lose the weight.  Some people say his bedside manner isn't that great, but he was professional and kind to me.  He is quick at times, but he is a busy man because he does all kinds of plastic surgeries.  Afterwards I called medicare to ask if I lost a lot of weight and needed another tt would they still cover it.  They said yes as long as I needed it because of health issues.  You can lose all the weight you want, but you cannot lose the skin.  That is why they cover it.  I can't underswand that your ps said you would have to pay for everything.  It sounds like he just didn't want to do it.  Some ps don't like to take insurance patients and it takes longer if you are one.  I don't understand why, money is money.  But it shows you that not all doctors are doctors because they care about people!  Hope this helps some....
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