oh my word

on 6/19/12 2:41 am - Canada
I finally got my appt for my first consult. June 22.
Cindy F.
on 6/19/12 3:16 am - Charlottetown, Canada
VSG on 02/05/13
It's VERY exciting isn't it?!  I'm still early in my journey as well - I just had my consult on June 4th and received the call today for my all-day info session (July 10th). I think every step is exciting and one step closer to surgery.

Keep us posted :)
on 6/19/12 8:45 am - Canada
It is very exciting, I was at work today so I couldnt post any more then that.  I am nervous!  I dont know what to expect on my first visit. Can anyone enlighten me?

I have done some research and am thinking I would like to pursue the VSG but I would love to hear other's input. I have been on the wait list since Jan 2009
on 6/20/12 1:07 am - Canada
VSG on 05/17/12
its been a few months since my first consult but from what i can remember, you meet with the dietician, nut, get weighed and meet dr savoie.  he goes over your options for surgery though he only does lap band and vsg, he also advises you that if you want to persue DS after vsg that is also an option.  any questions you may have write them down to ask him because after this meeting you prob wont see the dr again until your surgery.  he is not at the all day session so ask the questions now.  if you think of any along the way you can certainly call the office or ask him surgery day.  my all day session was about 5 months after first consult and surgery was bout 1.5 months after all day session

HW (last known weigh in)=452.5

2 week PRE-OP=401.8

CW-226.9 (06/13/13) 

on 6/21/12 9:46 am
Hi there.  My first consult with Dr. Savoie was the same time as yours last year.  I agree that it is best to have some questions ready beforehand.  I had no idea what to expect from my first consult and actually thought I would be refused so had nothing planned.  When you arrive you will first meet with the nurse who will take your vitals and ask you to complete an intake form with her.  You then meet with the dietican who will weigh you and discuss your current diet and the post surgery diet you can expect.  You then will have a one-on-one with Dr. Savoie.  He is very nice and honest.  He will explain the procedures he does and how your case may be suitable to either one and the advantages or disadvantages of both.  He will show you a model of your stomach and how the band procedure works and the VSG.  He also has visuals to illustrate as well.  He does not rush you or push you.  I was so surprised that I was a worthy candidate so I had no idea what procedure to opt for.  He did not push me on this and in fact encouraged me to go home and think on it and come back a month later with my decision.  I really respected him for that.  He is a very busy man and he could have approached it differently with me but he didn't. He and his team are genuine and do not push surgery for surgery sake.  I did research everything and came back with questions and made the decision to opt for the VSG.  The results and feedback he gave me on what to expect from this type of surgery were very accurate.

I can tell you that my VSG surgery was the best thing I ever did and if you have any questions just ask.    
Charline M.
on 6/28/12 9:05 am, edited 6/28/12 9:07 am
VSG on 02/23/12
That was you I saw at Dr. Savoie's office....  :)

I thought that was your pretty face on your avatar...  :)
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on 6/29/12 12:59 am - Canada
I thought it was you! But I just wasnt sure!!!!!!!! EEEEK.
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