MediTrim vs. Boost

on 6/24/12 9:15 am - Canada
on 6/24/12 8:15 pm
Hi, I hate Boost with a passion so I opted to order the medical supplements from Quebec instead.  Yes, they cost more but they are so much better.  Everyone who took Boost complains that they miss chewing and actually eating food but the supplements of bars and shakes from MediTrim were tasty and you were still able to chew something.  I actually liked them alot.  It was about $ 190.00 for the fasting supply.  Well worth it in my opinion.  These do not have that metallic taste of Boost and there were several flavours. 
on 6/24/12 11:14 pm - Charlottetown, Canada
VSG on 05/10/12
 Totally agree...we, in Moncton, don't have a choice on what we take for the 2 weeks, but having tried Boost after the surgery to try to get more protein...WOW...YUCK...the Slim-time shakes were SO good....I really liked the bars too, but found that they did not fill me up like the shakes did......the shakes nice and cold were really nice...I bought some coconut and almond extracts, so they were super.....wish I had ordered a lillte extra to have post surgery.....
on 6/27/12 1:04 am - Canada
If anyone has any Medi Trim left over ( particularly the bars) I would be willing to purchase it. It sort of sucks that you cant mix and match. Apparently you either have to purchase the whole 2 weeks as a minimum order. I would think I would enjoy chewing something at some point in the day to break up the boost ****tails.
on 7/10/12 9:48 am - New Maryland, Canada
Probably too late for your starvation diet, but I did both and I had more difficulty on the MediTrim but I was used to eating less before the second (Boost) diet. I lost a bit more on the MediTrim but I had more to loose & my metabolism had adjusted by the second diet. If I had tpo do it again, I would go to Boost again, just because it is available everywhere  & cheaper.


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