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on 6/24/12 10:05 am - Canada
My husband has always been very supportive with my weight loss endeavours. He just told me today that he wished I wouldnt have surgery ?? WTH? He is worried about recovery and what will happen in the future if I got sick.

I politely explained that I wont have a future or time to be sick if I continue this way because surely a heart attack or stroke would rob me of the right.  I am still in shock here.  I realize its a fear thing but still.....My family are supportive, they have the same fears but my sister said it best when she said I am scared for you either way.
on 6/24/12 10:49 am
Hi - I am scheduled for my sleeve on the 19th of July.  It was booked two weeks ago, and my husband got really cold feet and we had to revisit the entire ordeal on Thursday.  I am doing the surgery thru Weight Loss Forever, and I had to get the facilitator to come to the house and talk with my husband.  He felt alot better after speaking with her.  He is still a little scared, but is feeling much better.  In fact, we got his brother and sister to join in our conversations so they could ask questions as well.  WLF did a fantastic job discussing EVERYTHING. 

I encourage you to have your husband talk with someone that knows a little more about this or someone that has been thru this.  My husband is my biggest supporter and I needed him on board.  Doing research was a good thing.  Have him go on line and do research - there are lots of great things to find out about.  Hang in there my friend, and I'll be praying for you,
on 6/25/12 10:43 am - Canada
I had a sleeve in February and my husband (also very supportive of me in most anything I do and we have amazing trust in eachother) was very concerned about my choice in going for surgery. He told me ultimately he supported me but was being honest in saying that it scared him. I did what I could to educate him on the process and show him the success stories I had found so he could get some reassurance but right down to the day of surgery he was still really worried that something wouldn't go well.

I don't really have an answer for you as to how you can help him through the process but you are very correct in saying that there is just as much to risk without having surgery... maybe even more. Good luck to you both!
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