ok ladies/gents

on 6/26/12 12:24 am - Canada
It is way to quiet in here. How is everyone, where are you in respect to your goals? Where do you want to be? Share a funny story something!
on 6/26/12 7:55 am
 I agree I am still waiting for my date and I wish nb forum would have more discussion on it
on 6/26/12 10:31 am - Charlottetown, Canada
VSG on 05/10/12
 More postings would be great...I find some people stop posting after surgery for some reason.....not me...on here every day....Sleeve Surgery  was May 10, 2012...Excellent surgery...no major pain from the actual surgery...just really hard to learn how to drink after surgery...lots of gas....

So I am almost 7 weeks post-op and am having a hard time getting the weight to keep coming off...day of surgery I was 342....1 week post -op and I was 327!!!!  YEAH for me I thought....the first 2 weeks was really hard for me to get anything in...I swear I was maybe getting about 300-400 calories a day...if that....but by the end of week 2 I was only 325 or so....then the stall hit...as it if it was just my body going crazy from the lack of food (protein) or what, but I sat at 325 for almost 2.5 weeks....just as I was able to start regular food I started losing again...but now I am sitting at 316....it seems strange to me...I do drink lots of water and actually have to hide the water from myself around meal time or I make myself sick by drinking too soon after eating...not nice...

NOW before anyone asks about what kind of exercise I am doing....I just haven't gotten out to that yet...I know too many excuses...but with 4 kids under 13 and so much running around with the sports, Cadets and school, it has been hetic to say the least....but it is in the plans...with no school I plan to take 30 min to myself....

SO I don't know what to do...I eat an egg and maybe a piece bacon.....then a tuna or chicken melt on 1 piece of Body Wise bread for lunch, and some protein for supper....lots of water in

Enogh from me...what about everyone else????
on 6/27/12 1:42 am - Charlottetown, Canada
VSG on 07/09/13
Well I am still waiting for my first consult. I go July 4, one week from today for my info session, I'm so excited about that. I have been waiting since 2004 to start this journey. It has been very quiet here on this forum, which is unusual. I hope I will have my first consult call soon after my info session. But can't complain the ball has started rolling.lol. Hope everyone has a great day.
on 6/27/12 3:22 am - Canada
They are so nice in Bathurst. That was my first thought, I met 2 other people who were there for rechecks after having the sleeve. That was awesome, they both were very friendly and made me feel a bit more relaxed.  Dr. Savoie was lovely. I did not get to meet Giselle, she is out for a couple of weeks. There was a tall blond nurse but for the life of me I cannot recall her name. I think I was so nervous I forgot it. The dietician was on vacation, but called me this week to see if I had any questions for her.

I had written down my medical history and my family history and a list of questions that I wanted to ask because I was afraid I would be so overwhelmed I would forget and get home before I thought about it again.
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