The Last Supper

on 7/25/12 2:37 am - Canada
So this evening I am going out for dinner and a movie with my sister and a close friend. We will be laying to rest my emotional eating habits, my sisters smoking and my friends caffeine addicton, a chance to talk about our habits and how we will support one another.I am not saying that I am celebrating the beginning of a new life because I think it leaves me in the mind set of celebrating with food. So tomorrow with my first boost breakfast I will celebrate The New Me.

I am scared and nervous. There are only so many things you can do with boost and crystal light.
on 7/25/12 4:00 am - Canada
VSG on 05/17/12
Good idea. Smart and excellent attitude.
I liked my boosty in the blender with ice cubes. Little extract sometimes like banana or mint. Made a large cup and felt like i was cheating when i wasnt lol
on 8/7/12 4:04 am - Canada
 Hey Prinnylynn, good luck with your journey, it sounds like a tough one.   How are you making out so far?   Where  are you located?   Are you doing a surgery?   Love to learn more about this all.   Thanks Natalie
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