The dreaded slump

on 9/24/12 7:56 am
It started in July.  Weight loss was going well and just before I went on vacation, things slowed down.  Well really, things stopped.

Every week I have been doing what I am supposed to be doing and nothing changed.  I wasn't surprised though.  Before surgery, when I tried to loose weight, I would go down 20 to 25 lbs then my body would scream HALT!  I could go to the gym every day and do cardio and weights (at least an hour at a time) and nothing.  It happened again.

I just decided to keep at it.  DO NOT get discouraged (this became my mantra for the last 2 months).

Then, last week, the scale actually moved down a pound.  Not a lot, but significant for me since nothing was happening since mid-July.  This week, another 2 lbs.  Dare I hope there is a change?

I am hoping that I won this battle against my body.  Normally, I would get discouraged and go back to old habits.  This time, I stuck it out.  Fingers crossed.

All this to say-  thanks to all the trailblazers!  It is because of you and your posts that I found the courage to stick with it.  Through your posts, I learned that the stall/slump does go away.  It just takes time....  Hopefully, mine has come to an end (for now).   
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on 9/24/12 8:52 am - Musquash, NB, Canada
VSG on 10/02/12
 I read in the VSG forum that stalls occur at 3 weeks, 3 Months, 6 Months and 9 months. They advise to take all your measurements as this is the time you will lose inches. Good luck... stay strong.

on 9/24/12 9:00 am - Charlottetown, Canada
VSG on 05/10/12
 TOO true...then there is the case where we are lsing weight , but not really changing clothing sizes...I am still amazed that I can go into that big-girl place, P_____ and I am still trying on clothes that are a  size 26....really ...what have I been doing the last 6 months...since Feb I am down 90 lbs...and YES I am very proud of that,...but because I the type of job I do, I was wearing "yoga pants" every day and never really knew what size I was....what a goes on..

AND it is true about the measurements...I didn't take my right from the beginning, but I still see a difference just from now to July.....

Keep up the great work..our bodies do freak out a little from time to time..but as long as we do our part, the body will eventually jump on board too... did your surgery go???  
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on 9/24/12 3:02 am - Musquash, NB, Canada
VSG on 10/02/12
 Well, I got there... and was all prepped... had my IV in and my heparin... and 20 minutes before they were to wheel me down to the OR... the nurse came in and said an emergency came in and I was cancelled ... just like that... I WAS DEVASTATED, crushed... I cried all the way out the hospital like a blithering idiot. This weekend was rough as no one was able to tell me anything until TODAY (Monday). Surgery has been rescheduled for October 2nd. SO I get to have more practice a****ching my family eat while I drink yummy (barf) shakes LOL

At least it is only 8 days away. At first the person thought the next OR date would be November... so glad it was not November.

Thanks for asking,

HUGS Danielle
on 9/24/12 3:11 am
Danielle, that is really too bad.  But at least you have a new date and like you said- only 8 days left.  I am sure things will work out this time!

As for the measurement thing- I haven't taken any,  but I know there was a "reshifting" happening.  I could feel it in my clothes.  Plus people kept telling me that I looked like I was losing more (I knew better though). 

I was lucky not to have any stalls at 3 weeks or 3 months.  But it did kick in at  5 months and wouldn't let go!  I'm just glad it seems over.  I am ok with it coming off slowly.  I just don't care for the complete stop! 

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on 9/24/12 3:42 am - Musquash, NB, Canada
VSG on 10/02/12
 Take your measurements now... it is not too late.. and then when the scale starts moving again take them again and once a week after. Surgery is but one part of this... you (we) have to make this work.,... and you can do this.,.. keep strong
on 9/24/12 4:37 am - Charlottetown, Canada
VSG on 05/10/12
OMG, Danille...I was watching the site all weekend to see your first I am glad to hear what happened...sad to hearaboout the delay...but your time will come...keep up the good work...
Vanessa D.
on 9/25/12 9:48 pm
VSG on 04/18/12
I understand that fully. I was prepped, IV in and everything on April 10th, 2012. They wheeled me down to the OR waiting room. There i was met by DR B who told me he could not do my surgery cause he was disabled. He had a chest tube put in the previous night cause he had a pneumothorax.(air in his chest). I was rescheduled for 8 days later as well on April 18th, 2012. Had to do that extra week of the lovely shakes but everything went well so I decided it was not my time to get it done and i needed that extra 8 days to fully prepare. It's been going really well since then so don't get discouraged. Keep at it.
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on 9/26/12 1:41 am - Musquash, NB, Canada
VSG on 10/02/12
 At first, I was discouraged.. I saw this as a sign that this was not meant to be and I should just give up. But I stayed the course and I keep drinking/eating reasonable until I found out when I was rescheduled. I think this time I won't be so nervous since this will be my second attempt LOL

We were just perfecting the pre-op Prep... right??? LOL A rehearsal if you will LOL
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