on 1/4/13 3:29 am - Canada

Would anyone like to get together in Fredericton?  It helps to have local support I think!!


on 1/4/13 4:56 am - Canada
VSG on 05/17/12

yes i think we would. see below, kittysmom has tried several times to get us all together but all our times in the past didnt sync.

this is a good idea though.

on 1/4/13 5:17 am - Canada
Oh I see now!! Well I would be willing!
on 1/5/13 12:29 pm - Canada

I would love to. I work shift work and my schedule varies. If someone wanted to pick a date and time I would try to come

on 1/10/13 3:05 am - Canada

I have a couple other girls and possibly a man who would be interested as well.  And evening but Monday works for me.


Tamera Kelly
on 1/10/13 3:18 am - Fredericton, Canada

I would like to come as well.  Mondays don't work for me either. Other than that I'm usually open, except the 15th as I'm back to Bathurst for check up.



Down to 278 lbs from 340lbs

on 1/10/13 4:00 am - Canada

How is Jan 22 or Jan 24? 


on 1/10/13 4:15 am - Canada¬if_t=group_comment#!/groups/421196181282298/


I am creating this group just for easier communication

Tamera Kelly
on 1/21/13 8:12 am - Fredericton, Canada

Sorry my comp is on it's last byte.  24th would be better for me as I teach a cardmaking class on Tuesdays.  Facebook just brought me back to this page.

on 2/28/13 8:58 am

i would like to get together for a coffee any time or day works for me

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