My post christmas update

on 1/5/13 12:39 pm - Canada

So I had surgery Aug 9, 2012.

I am now down 82lbs. Over christmas I did not eat as well as I planned on and skipped the gym for 2.weeks...I went up 2.5 lbs. I was devastated. I am over it now. As soon as I upped my water, went back to the gym and cut out the crap food it left and took a cpl of its friends with it. I am still trying to eat relatively clean and eating very little simple carbs. I cant seem to tolerate simple carbs anyways.

How are you all? How were the holidays?

Cindy or Henry have you heard anything?

Cindy F.
on 1/6/13 2:59 am - Charlottetown, Canada
VSG on 02/05/13

*sigh* no. Henry signed before me so I waiting not-so-patiently to hear that he's received his date.  I know you said you were devastated at the gain but you must be impressed with losing 80+ lbs in 5 months?!  I certainly am!

Thanks for checking on us :)

on 1/6/13 5:30 am - Canada
VSG on 05/17/12

that is awesome news. and congrats on the weight loss so far. i agree with cindy. a 2.5 gain after losing over 80 is not too bad, especially over christmas and nothing to fret over as its already gone.  i took the whole month of december off from the gym (ive since started again) and pretty much ate whatever i wanted (only in half cup sizes mind you lol) and still lost.  i know its a fluke but i think its due to the fact that im full after so little. good to see your doing so well and back on track.

p.s. cindy and henry, my fingers are crossed that you hear something soon.

Henry M.
on 1/8/13 1:07 am - Fredericton, Canada

WOW! Congrats on the weight loss 82 pounds since August is great.  and the couple of Christmas pounds are nothing to fret about since you got right back on track.

I am still anxiously awaiting the call.  I think that we may be out of luck for the February list so fingers are crossed for March now.

It seems like a lifetime of waiting since signing off on November 2nd but in reality I know it is only slow now because it is so near and I am so excited to have so much more energy for the summer. 

Thanks for asking,


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