Solid food - weight loss stall

Henry M.
on 3/11/13 12:14 am - Fredericton, Canada

Just curious if anyone has experienced a stall in weight loss, when they started solids again.

Today is only day 6 of solid food for me but one the first day of solids I actually went up one pound and then I stayed at the same weight for the past 5 days.  I have still lost 61 pounds over the past 7 weeks.  The surgery was completed 5 weeks ago tomorrow.  I am wondering if it is just my body adjusting or if I am doing something wrong.

I know the diet in the By-pass booklet has more food than I can handle per meal.  I do try but there is more than I can simply take in.  I'm ensuring the 2oz of Proteins/Meats/eggs.  and that I am getting about a 1/4 cup or carbs(Rice/Potatoes) and a bit more than a 1/3 cup of veg.  I do however have a hard time getting snacks in.  I don't miss any meals and I do get an evening snack in.  But a morning and a mid afternoon snack is hard to do along with the water consumption. I kind of feel like I can have the snack or the water but no time for both so I choose the water.  I do get 6 cups a day in of the water.

I feel better than I have in years but was just wondering if this stall is common or if I should maybe call the dietitian to see what I am doing wrong.

All advice and shared experiences are greatly appreciated



on 3/11/13 12:44 am - Canada
VSG on 05/17/12

your doing great so far. dont worry bout the stall. it seem that everyone (or mostly everyone) experiences a stall at approx week three-four after surgery and its exactly like you said. your body is making adjustments.

just continue as usual following your schedule and it will eventually start again.

if you would like to confer with your dietician to just check, its always a good idea but it sounds pretty regular to me according to what i have read on here the last couple years. even if you do a search on three week stall, all kinds of posts will come up.


congrats on your success so far!!


on 3/11/13 8:57 am - Saint John, Canada

Congratulations on the weight loss. It must feel so greatangry

referral sent March 2009/ Approval signed March 2013/Surgery May 2013

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on 3/11/13 9:30 am - Charlottetown, Canada
VSG on 05/10/12

TOTALLY NORMAL...the body is just in a little shock!!!  "What do you mean you are just feeding me THIS MUCH!!!!" We all have will all do the right thing in a few days...snacks were hard for me too...and like you...I choose water over food and paid for it about 6 mts out with a major hair really is a fine line...even a hand full of almonds or a Yogurt ....I know...for me it was hard to even have breakfast after taking my vitamins as they filled me up so much...I would have to wait another hour or so to eat anything..AND not being hungry didn't really help...funny to say, but having the whole summer where I was never really hungry did not get me into a habit of having snacks.....It is all about timing...if you have a smart phone...set a the alarm for snacks and go from there...a cheese string or something little...


But you are doing great....You MUST feel so different....I have a truck driver who comes into my work and I have started telling him about the procedure....and gave him the suggestion to just get his Dr to send a referral and see where it goes...he is just young with a new family and is about 400+ lbs...but ya never know...I wish I had put my name in alot sooner...but it is what it is and now a new life is coming out....


Keep up the great work and don't forget to take pictures.....keep posting....



on 3/11/13 3:14 pm - Moncton, Canada
VSG on 02/14/12

I'm a bit over 1 year out and have had quite a few stalls.  Completely normal.  However they are NOT fun, as I am currently on about 1 month stall for now.

Just keep doing what you are doing.  Don't follow that book, eat what you can as i can guarantee you that even over 1 year out, I could probably not follow that book either for example of menu.

Don't overeat, if you are full stop eating, of course concentrate on protein first, but after awhile, you will be able to eat a little bite more and more and that is when i started adding more fruits and veggies, but early out, most important thing is protein to make sure you have energy and don't forget most of your body organs are made of muscles, that is is why protein is so important to keep all the insides working like they should

A good way to keep track, is to keep track of what you are eating, and you will be able to see your own patterns and what not, i have been keeping track in My Fitness Pal since day 1 i was able to eat real food, and even to this day, it's very important for me to track everything.  As the time goes by, you will notice you will be able to eat more and more and it will be important to know how much you are eating to make sure you don't overeat.  I know early on in the game it seems impossible that you could ever overeat again, but trust me, it can and will be possible later on in the journey.

Congrats on the loss so far and keep working hard!



on 3/12/13 5:00 pm - Canada
Just remember its not about the numvers, its about being healthy and maintaining! I am almost a year in post-surgery and have been at a plateau for about 6 weeks now. I have had a few plateaus and its completely normal! Stay positive and follow your instructions! Welcome to the new, happy and healthy you!
Michael B.
on 3/13/13 1:31 pm - Canada

Hey Henry i went in 2 weeks before you and cindy to have my sleeve done im very happy for you! i havent even weighed myself yet last time i was on scale was 2 days before surgery and i lost 20 lbs because of boost diet, i cant wait because this tuesday i will go in to the dr office and find out finally just how much weight ive lost! hearing your story so far makes me excited to hear the results, ive already gone from 5x pants to 2x in a month and 3 weeks its the best thing ive done for myself! and glad to hear your progress dont worry though it will come off trick is to weight once a week and im sure you'll be shocked at the results!

Cindy F.
on 3/13/13 9:39 pm - Charlottetown, Canada
VSG on 02/05/13

As I've mentioned in private messages but will share on the forum, I've been struggling with basically a stall since week two, so that's two and a half weeks now.  I've lost 38 lbs in the two week pre-p and two week post-op timeframe. It's terribly frustrating and after reading posts from those who stalled at two weeks, I understand it can last up to five weeks. I've tried all the suggestions from vets, increase protein, increase / decrease carbs, increase calories, increase exercise, to no avail. I go up and down the same three pounds. I've stopped weighing myself  for the time being, as the stress of not losing probably isn't helping my weigh loss (increase in cortisol levels) or sanity. I return to work next week so the busier days and distraction may help.

Henry, you're doing great! Michael, terrific results,  please be sure to update us after your appointment on Tuesday!


Henry M.
on 3/13/13 10:05 pm - Fredericton, Canada

Thank you everyone for the Tips and Support,  The answers and support made me feel really good and after just a week of the stall things started moving again.  I'm very happy with the results to date, and I do check the scale daily which I probably shouldn't do but I am so excited to see the numbers drop that it makes my day.  As of today I am the weight I was when I got married in 2006 and that feels great.  I hate wishing my life away but I am so excited to see my results by mid summer.  I am actually going to take the kids Camping, which is something I wouldn't/couldn't do before. 

Michael - I am excited to hear how well you have done.

Sunnie41 - I seen your pictures  and must say simply amazing...WOW

Thanks to everyone for the support.

Cindy(My Sleeve Buddy(We both had our sleeve on the same day)) - I am sure the stall will go by soon and you will dazzle us all with the results. Once it kicks back in.   I'm sending positive vibes your way to help jumpstart the stall.


Thanks again - Life is good


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