Sometimes you just have to see it.

Henry M.
on 6/24/13 8:58 pm - Fredericton, Canada

I know that I am losing weight and I am feeling great.  I see the numbers go down and I am excited over it but it doesn't seem real at the same time.

Yesterday my wife took a photo which was 5 months from the first photo set I have taken and I was blown away when I put the photos side by side.  I strongly suggest taking the time to do photo's as you go through the process, it helped me to make it all seem so much more real.

Not sure how to insert a photo here but I have a link to it below :-) an-to-june-jpg/

For those still waiting on a list to get it, It does seem to take forever to get through it but I have to say it is all worth it once your time finally comes.

Have a good day Everyone.  


on 6/24/13 10:47 pm

Wow, you look amazing, congrats!!

How much have you lost in total?

I am almost 2 weeks out and feeling great.

How are you  making out with solid foods?  How much are you able to eat and are there many foods you can't eat?  Keep up the good work!


Henry M.
on 6/25/13 1:04 am - Fredericton, Canada

Congrats, you must be on the puree's or starting them soon.  Solids wont be to far behind.  Every day gets easier and the energy seems to increase with every 10 pounds shed.

Thank you . To date I have lost 130 pounds.

With Solid foods I have very little issues.  Raw baby carrots do not sit well, and not that it makes me feel bad but I dont like Bread or rolls or pizza dough, because once I get it down to a paste it is all just to doughie for me to enjoy so I simply dont have it very often.

I don't measure as often as I did at first but I typically have the 2oz of Meat and 1/2 cup of Potatoes or Rice/pasta and 1/2 cup veggies.  I usually don't finish all on my plate so I average a cup of food per meal, but I do have to keep myself in check when it comes to how fast I eat.  If I eat fast I get gas pains and don't like it, so I force myself to take at the very least 20 minutes but I try for the 30.

Getting enough water seems hard at times too but I feel it if I dont have it so I make sure I get it all in.


Thanks again and have a great day



Michael B.
on 6/24/13 11:56 pm - Canada

Hey Henry! good to see your doing well :), im actually about 6months into mine so far and the results have been drastic, i still cant believe im almost at 130lbs weight loss its incredible, plus the support from friends and family is incredible, happy to hear your doing great, and i do agree the wait was definetly worth it!

Henry M.
on 6/25/13 1:07 am - Fredericton, Canada

WOW That is Excellent Michael.  Isnt it great to be getting your life back.  The support is extremely important, I think my favorite is running into people who havnt seen me in over 6-8 months and having them do the double-take..  It feels good, Summer is going to be a full schedule of activities for me because I havent been able to do things for so long that I want to try and Squeeze them all in


Have a good day

Cindy F.
on 6/25/13 10:09 am - Charlottetown, Canada
VSG on 02/05/13

I'm so happy for your success Henry, I love how you're smiling in your last photo!

on 6/25/13 1:08 pm - Moncton, Canada
VSG on 02/14/12

I've felt the same since the beginning. I am happy i started taking , before, and at first, every month, on the date of my surgery i was taking pics.  If it wasn't for the pics, i would not see the weight loss.  Even now, it takes for me to compare a before and now picture to actually see how far I've come.

I don't know if it will ever get better for me, it's more of a mental thing and i think it happens to a lot of people. 

You've done great, keep up the good work!




on 6/26/13 12:29 am - Saint John, Canada

Congratulations are all doing so fantastic. My scales still haven't moved in 3 weeks but my clothes are getting too big so something is happening just not showing on the scales.

referral sent March 2009/ Approval signed March 2013/Surgery May 2013

HW: 404  Pre OP Liquid: 375   SW: 349   CW: 271


on 6/30/13 10:19 am - Canada
VSG on 05/23/13

Awesome work !!!  You should be so proud!!!!

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