Got my first call for consult

on 5/2/17 1:00 pm - Riverview, Canada

Hey guys, I got my first call for consult with Dr. Beausoleil in Moncton for June 12th :) My referral was sent in September 2011.

on 5/11/17 3:43 am

AWESOME!!! Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

on 5/11/17 9:21 pm - Riverview, Canada

Will do! How long do you think it takes from consult to surgery, if all goes well?

on 5/11/17 9:21 pm - Riverview, Canada

Will do! How long do you think it takes from consult to surgery, if all goes well?

on 5/13/17 6:48 am

Sorry, didn't reply because I wasn't referred to him and didn't know the least you got a call! Good luck again!

on 12/12/17 9:22 am

I met Dr. Beausoliel in November 18, 2016, had the all day session on September 5, 2017, signed my consent October 16, 2017, go for pre-op December 18, 2017 and, finally, January 16th, 2018 for surgery. In the information session we were told that most of us would be waiting 8-10 months, with 2-3 exceptions. I was one of the largest in the class, so I guess I was one of those exceptions. It is a long wait, but hopefully well worth it.

on 12/12/17 12:40 pm - Riverview, Canada

Thanks so much for that perspective, it really helps me appreciate the timing of events. All the best!

Cindy F.
on 5/12/17 10:31 am - Charlottetown, Canada
VSG on 02/05/13

I'd say you're still looking at a good year to 18 months but things may have sped up. My sister had it done in the fall with the new doctor working with Dr. B, and she was about 18 months from consult to surgery. There will be steps along the way to break up the time though.

Congrats on your appointment, every call is exciting and a step closer to a new life.

Referral sent April 2004 / First Consult-Moncton June 2012 / Surgery - February 2013

5'6" / Pre-Op 355 lbs / Current Weight 185 lbs

on 5/12/17 4:18 pm - Riverview, Canada

Thanks for giving me that heads up. Wow, that's still quite a wait huh! It is what it is, I guess. Yeah, I heard there was a second Doc with Beausoleil now too. Who knows, may speed it up. Thanks Cindy! :)

on 6/12/17 8:09 pm - Riverview, Canada

Well I finally met some of the team today. Everyone seems nice. Next step I guess is waiting for the day-long team consult within 10 months. Dr. Beausoleil thinks I'm a great candidate for the surgery (VSG) and I'm pretty excited.

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