DS - 5.5 years after the Sleeve

Henry M.
on 6/13/18 6:41 am - Fredericton, Canada

Has anyone had the duodenal switch after having the sleeve years before?

If so, do you feel it was worth doing or more of an inconvenience vs the benefits?

I am booked for the DS on the 21st of August and really trying to decide if I still want to go through with it.

I have had great success with the Sleeve itself from 440 down to 265 but have went back up to 299. but then I was referred for the DS and wasn't sure if I wanted it so I used Isagenix to get myself back down to 245 from the 299 within 6 months(which took me off the DS list). But Isagenix costing 1000 a month for my wife , Daughter and I became to expensive, so we stopped. Now I am back to 295.

Interestingly enough with the IsaGenix, my energy was so high that I ended up working out too much and injured my foot. I was literally running 5KM\day -6 days a week. In the past year I feel like I haven't got much for energy at all, and while running daily I was a much happier(not a grumpyol fart) person..

If people had great success with the DS after the sleeve then woohoo - but if the benefit isn't really there I may just have to suck up the expense of IsaGenix and give it another go.


on 7/6/18 4:24 pm, edited 7/6/18 9:26 am - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
VSG on 12/10/13

Hi Henry, I am 4.5 years out from my VSG which I hadwith DR B at the Georges Dumont in Dec 2013. My highest weight was 420. I got down to 240 with the VSG but at about 2.5 years out I was back up to 270 and yo yo dieted for a year before deciding to have the DS. I had the DS one year ago in July with Dr T at the Georges Dumont and I have lost 90 more lbs putting me at 180. I have 10 more lbs to loose before I go for skin removal surgery which will probably land me at around 155-160 which is my exact target weight for my height. I am so happy I had the DS, I have had some ups and downs but wouldn't change getting it for a minute!

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