Support Group Charlotte, NC

on 3/22/06 8:55 am - Charlotte, NC
I am new to this site. I am 18 mos post op RNY and am trying to find a WLS support group in Charlotte. Can anyone give me information on this? Thanks, Barb B
on 3/22/06 9:38 am - Matthews, NC, NC
Hello Barbara, my husband and I started a small group here in Charlotte, we are planning a meeting in a week or so, since a few of us just had surgery we are not sure of daye yet. Just keep a eye on the board for a date and place, we would love to have you. I know there are a few others, I am sure the folks will reply about them. Welcome to Charlotte Allison lap ryn March 14th 2006 307/279/???
Dee L.
on 3/22/06 11:30 am - Charlotte, NC
There is a support group that meets every 4th Tuesday at CMC-Mercy in the auditorium I think at 6:30 or 7:30.It is held by my Dr Kuwada from CMC -Surgical group.I don't know if it is open to the public .You and email us at any time. Thanks Dee
on 7/8/06 6:28 am - chandler, AZ
Thanks Dan, I hope you feel better today. Your friend Lamont
on 7/8/06 6:46 am - Warren, IL
Glad to have you back, I missed the daily joke. Hope you're feeling better!! Woody
BigBob Notforlong

on 7/8/06 7:27 am - Mechanicsville, VA
Thanks Dan! Get better soon my friend. Bob
Dx E
on 7/8/06 7:53 am - Northern, MS
Thanks for the Laugh Dan! Hope you are feeling better soon! Best Wishes- Dx
on 7/8/06 11:54 am - Bigfork, MT
just keep plugging along, my friend! You are in my thoughts and prayers for healing and wholeness!
Nancy Hall
on 3/22/06 9:34 pm - Charlotte, NC
There's one that meets at Presby downtown as well. I'd love to see something like the one in Gastonia, here in Charlotte.
on 3/22/06 11:38 pm - Stanley, NC
Please tell me about the one in Gastonia. I live in Stanley and would love to go to one in Gastonia. Thanks, Gwen
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