05.54 in the Morning................

on 3/22/06 6:56 pm - Matthews, NC
Morning all you sleepy heads!!!!!!!!! 5.54am and already here at work....... a great but cold day in the Carolina's but almost the weekend............ will leave ya'll til later..... Gavin.
Clytie Robinson
on 3/22/06 7:03 pm - Gastonia, NC
Hey there Gavin, 6:02 AM Thursday and just finished doing my treadmill and ab curls, ready to start a brand new day. Blessings to you and yours! Clytie
Lisa L.
on 3/22/06 9:33 pm - Winston Salem, NC
*yawn* 8:31 am and I am in awe of you people who get up with the sun. Yesterday was rough (lost my 10 year old rottweiler to a stroke) but tonight is Gastric Bypass Support Group meeting so that gives me energy. Only 26 days til surgery!
Nancy Hall
on 3/22/06 9:38 pm - Charlotte, NC
I'm with you, Lisa. I'm doing good to be at work and fully dressed!!! Sorry to hear of your loss. I knwo that must be tough. I lost my 15 year old Schnauzer a few years ago and it was really tough. Nancy
Lisa L.
on 3/23/06 12:29 am - Winston Salem, NC
Thank you, Nancy. I had never thought much about schnauzers before I got my last dog. He is a rescue (his former owner didnt have "time" to stop by their pen and feed his three dogs....the other two starved to death before I could get to them, but I did manage to save my Mop Dog) and he is a schnauzer/lhasa apso/pit bull mix. I know, that's a crazy combination (mama was a schnauzer/lhasa and daddy was a pit bull) but it made for a cute little ole dog. His pic is on my profile. Anyway, I read up on all the breeds that make him up and now I am quite fond of schnauzers. Lisa L.
on 3/22/06 10:22 pm - Matthews, NC, NC
Lisa, I understand your loss. May 17th 2005 I was forced to say good bye to my best friend and my baby George. George was 14 year old German Shepherd Dog, and I cry still now over him. George was there when there was no one, he was my protector and support, I will never get over the pain. Although I have four dogs, and I love them dearly, no one could come close to my George. George became unable to walk and had stared to stop eating, I cry now as I write this, you are in my thoughts, take care. Allison
Lisa L.
on 3/23/06 12:35 am - Winston Salem, NC
Thank you, Allison. I too still have 2 dogs, not to mention 2 cats a quaker parrot...but Lugar was my baby. When I was 15 years old, I saw my first rottweiler and I desperately wanted one. It too****il I was 26 years old, but I finally got my rottie. All my critters are special, of course, but Lugar's death hit me in the gut, despite knowing it was coming (his health had been declining fast in the last few months). I am crying now again too. I know it's gets better with time (when my rottie/chow mix died two years ago, I thought I would never stop crying), but it's so hard right now. Lisa L.
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