Well I have an appeal April 5th.........

on 3/23/06 4:13 am - Hurdle MIlls, NC
So im the post that had been denied by Medicaid. Ends up they needed more documentation showing weight loss over the years. I received all of my medical papers and just am waiting on another letter from my pcp. Regardless im nervous I dont have enough. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can say or bring? I dont have anything from where I went to weigh****chers years ago. But all of my doctor visits show obesity as a factor in my visit. Mark(Im a girl!)
Nancy Hall
on 3/23/06 5:26 am - Charlotte, NC
Mark (A Girl!), I don't have any suggestions for you, but we are sending good vibes your way and praying for a favorable outcome for you. Good Luck! Nancy
on 3/23/06 8:58 am - siler city, NC
hi mark, not sure about what to tell you about the appeal but what i wanted to say is that i had obesity as a factor in my medical records for a long time to but medicaid still required me to do a six month supervised diet. even after an appeal letter. if you havent done that , i would schedule an appt. with your pcp for your first appt. i also went to a dietician once monthly too just for back up. adrienne
I Believe
on 3/23/06 11:03 am - Bessemer City, NC
Hey Mark! Sending good thoughts and blessings your way along with prayers that your appeal will be overturned so you can have your surgery. Sorry I am not able to do more...but the power of prayer and positive thinking can work miracles! Nancy
on 3/23/06 11:38 am - Hurdle MIlls, NC
Thank you all so much .Im sure it will happen everything happens the way its supposed to. I firmly believe that. Even when we dont think so. Its always a path. I will let everyone know what happens. Its on April 5th so .... Thank you again
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