I'm losing my Hair....

on 3/23/06 1:59 pm - Elizabethtown, NC
I didn't really start to notice it until here recently.....& it was a hard realization let me tell you. What can I do to prevent the rest of it falling out(PROTEIN, I know), & how to I get it to grow back? I mean, I'm 23 years old.....& My hair is really really thin.......I don't want to wear a wig for the rest of my life.....
on 3/23/06 6:59 pm - Wilmington, NC
take biotin and zinc...get them at GNC. I lost a lot before I started the zinc...I started the biotin presurgery, but the zinc seemed to stop it and now it's coming back in just fine.
Nancy Hall
on 3/23/06 9:19 pm - Charlotte, NC
Mine is coming out as well. They keep reassuring me that it will stop and will grow back! Keepin the faith.....................
on 3/23/06 11:47 pm - NC
I started using the biotin pre surgery. It's a cheap little vitamin. I get mine at Wallmrt. Under 3.00
I Believe
on 3/24/06 3:09 am - Bessemer City, NC
Hey Jackie! You should not still be losing your hair. It is normal from 3-6months post-op to lose hair (per my surgeon) even taking Biotin (started pre-op) I lost a good bit, but luckily I have thick hair. Malnutrition can cause hair loss...so, are you getting enough protein???? I know, I don't want to be the one to beat you up over protein, we all get tired of it, but make sure you are getting enough. Have you had your bloodwork done lately by your doctor and reviewed by your surgeon?? This will show is you have any lack of vitamins, nutrition, etc. But I do agree to go to Walmart and get Biotin...they sell two kinds here. Spring Valley and Rexall....the Rexall (I am almost positive on the brand name) cost a little bit more but has way more Biotin in it and more pills. I take 2 a day....hope this helps you some! Best of luck! Nancy
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