Good Morning NC

on 3/23/06 6:53 pm - Charlotte, NC
Good Morning NC, I can't believe I am here before Gavin!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone is doing well on this rainy morning in NC. Everyone have a great day!!! Pat
Nancy Hall
on 3/23/06 9:19 pm - Charlotte, NC
Good morning Pat! Looks like everyone else is on Spring Break along with my kids!!! Have a great day! Nancy
on 3/23/06 10:19 pm - Charlotte, NC
Hey Pat, How are you doing???? Hope you'll be coming to the next meeting? We will miss you if you don't. Love, Jamey
on 3/23/06 10:58 pm - Matthews, NC, NC
Hello Pat and Everyone, Gavin is busy this am at work he called me as always to make sure I was okay, around 7am. All is well here , I have healed up so fast , I called my boss lady yesterday and told her I am coming back to work on Monday, I have cabin fever. I was not scheduled to return until next Thursday but, I am so ready to go back ( or at least save some of my personal time for later in the summer ) . I have been eating cottage cheese, cream of wheat and eggs without a problem, I understood that was my first "soft foods" , but as I read others post, it looks like they are doing puree foods. Well , I guess I am doing okay I know protein shakes are so very important but, I can not stand them I am planning to try some other types this weekend , that I can mix with my Crystal Light. Well, going back to the sofa now. Love you all, Allison
Amy J.
on 3/24/06 1:06 am - NC
Good morning! Well it is lunch time now. But good day anyho.... Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed weekend. Stay warm. God bless. Amy
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