h-pylori test???

on 3/24/06 5:32 am - Monroe, NC
Dr. Voellinger (Southeast Bariatrics) is my surgeon...and part of his protocol is a h-pylori test. Have others of you done this same test and what were your results? My test is on April 5th (and an upper GI). The reason I am asking is that my sister-in-law,who is also planning to have surgery with Dr. V., had her test this week. The results were "boarderline positive" for bacteria. Because of this, she has to take 3 medications (antibotics and acid reducer) for 2 weeks, then has to wait 4 more weeks before she can test again. Her info. has been submitted and she is waiting for ins. approval. She was hoping to have surgery sooner than will now be possible. I was just wondering how often others have the same results? Thanks for your input!
on 3/24/06 6:42 am - Albemarle, NC
Hello Susan. I had severe stomach cramps and pain several years ago that caused me to miss several days of work every week for several months. They couldnt find anything wrong and finally they scoped me and took a sample of my stomach lining and I had h pylori. I already had ulcers from it and it was pretty bad according to the Doc. I went through the antibiotics and it was gone in a few days. This stuff is nothing to mess with. They are bad on normal stomachs and I can only imagine what havoc they would do on someone who was weak from surgery.
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on 3/24/06 12:34 pm - Bessemer City, NC
Hi Susan! My surgeon, Dr. Melkonian did not require this test, however, my husband's surgeon, Dr. Bauman did. It is to test the level of bacteria in your stomach....if it is too high you have to go through a antibiotic treatment like your sister. My husband's was almost borderline, but they felt safe enough for him to proceed without having to take any additional meds. Best of luck! Nancy
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