A new NC member here.

on 3/24/06 10:58 am - Harrisburg, NC
Hi everyone. My name is Glendie I am 32 (33 next Wednesday!) a wife and parent of 3 boys, weigh 296 lbs with a BMI of 52.4 and I am in the process of researching which WLS would benefit me most. I look forward to coming here and getting to know each of you and being as supportive as I can be while leaning on you and your knowledge to get me through. I'm sure I'll have many questions and from what I understand I may already be meeting a prerequisite for actually having the surgery! (Meeting some of my possible Dr's previous patients.) I'm so glad I came here. I'll send a great big warm and fuzzy e-card to my cousin, Paige for referring me. Glendie Jacobs
on 3/24/06 11:22 am - Charlotte, NC
Hi Glendie, Welcome!!! We are glad you are here. Have you got a surgeon yet? I am pre-op and awaiting approval. I am going to call dr. office on Mon. and see what I can find out. I have 2 boys and 1 girl. My youngest son is married and I am blessed with 3 grankids, 2 girls and a boy. They are the joy of my life.What are the ages of your boys? Well keep us posted. e-mail me if you like. I'm Pam and my e-mail is [email protected] Look forward to hearing from you.
Lisa L.
on 3/24/06 11:27 am - Winston Salem, NC
Welcome to the family, Glendie. I'm sure you'll like it here....everyone is very friendly. I am pre-op myself...although only for a few more weeks. My surgery date is April 18th with Dr. "Fuzz" Fernandez here in Winston Salem. Just ask any questions that come to mind. People are always happy to share their knowledge here. Lisa L.
Dee L.
on 3/24/06 12:36 pm - Charlotte, NC
Hi Glendie, I am from Charlotte and awaiting date from Dr Kuwada at Charolina Medical Center.I am glad you found us and our website.It has been a life saver for me.All my family is in Pa. And I have a boyfriend here but even my children are in Charleston and San Diego .I have several coworker friends and so not much support.I found my strength is here in these rooms .I love the website so much.I am glad your here and will get so much strength from all of the members.My friend lives in Harrisburg too. Dee
I Believe
on 3/24/06 12:41 pm - Bessemer City, NC
Hey Glendie! Welcome....we are always glad to have newbies join us! Who is your surgeon going to be? I had my RNY Lap done by Dr. Melkonian on 8/16/05. I am down 121lbs. and just broke into "onderland"...(our lil' name for getting into the 100's and out of the 200's!). Strap yourself in and get ready because you have begun the journey of your new life. I wish you the best and if we can help any at all...just shout. Nancy 5'8" 320/199/170(surgeon's goal)(150 my ultimate goal)
on 3/24/06 2:05 pm - Harrisburg, NC
Thanks to you all for responding. I'm sorry, should clarify. I don't have a surgeon yet. I haven't decided which surgery to have and I know from researching that some surgeons only perform certain surgeries. I was thinking that I should atleast have an idea of what I wanted before choosing someone who might not do that particular one, kwim? Not to mention my insurance will not even be effective until April 1. We've changed ins. recently and this one is supposed to be really good (ie. it covers WLS if medically necessary) unlike our previous ins. Gosh, I already feel so welcome here from the responses I've gotten! Thanks! Glendie
on 3/24/06 8:39 pm - Monroe, NC
Hey Glendie! I'm pretty new to this site, too. It is a blessing for those of us going through this journey! I used it for about 2 years to research and prepare as I made my decision to have WLS. I had to wait until Jan. 1st to change ins. for the same reasons. Our previous ins. did not cover WLS at all. With Aetna, I am in the process of completing a "3 month mulitidisciplinary pre-surgical regime." Have you been told that with Cigna ins. you have to have completed a 6 month (consecutive) dr. supervised weigh loss program within the last 2 years? (A good friend of mine just had her surgery 4 weeks ago and had Cigna ins.) I wish you the best of luck in your journey!
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