Would you like a cup of coffee?

Barbara C.
on 4/14/11 1:46 am - Raleigh, NC

I just had someone tell me that their program strongly prohibits coffee post surgery and ask me if I ever have coffee.

My program also restricts caffinated drinks, especially early on. Dehydration is a major issue following weight loss surgery. Believe it or not, dehydration is actually the number one reason that people are readmitted to the hospital during the first few days and weeks after surgery. Coffee generally contains caffine and caffine acts as a diuretic, so there is some concern that consuming coffee can contribute to deydration. Caffine is also known to contain acids that can increase the gastic acids which can cause heartburn and gastro esohpageal reflux. Finally, studies indicate that coffee stimulates gallbladder contraction and colonic motor activity within minutes of drinking it. Here is a link to a review of the issue.

My program does allow 'decaffinated' coffee and tea, so that's what I enjoy.

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on 4/14/11 7:34 pm - Culpeper, VA
Cofffeeee, coffee, coffee, coffee, capachino, java, YES!  Ok what movie does this saying come from??

Clueless about weight loss and weight loss surgery of any kind.


on 10/27/11 12:15 pm
Dante's Peak.....that was one of my favorite lines in the movie!
on 10/27/11 12:50 pm - Greenville, NC
It's also so interesting to note how many OTC 'diet pills' are full of caffeine.
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