New here...waiting for Revision surgery date(s)

on 6/2/14 1:03 pm

Hi all. I'm new here. Had lapband surgery 8 years ago (wow, can't believe it's been that long)!  I lost 95 lbs with my friend the band...before it dilated.  It took me over a year (due to moves, etc.) to find a surgeon to even see me, and sadly I've gained back 50 lbs.  So frustrating...angry at myself.  I never thought I'd get bypass surgery, but, I've seen the light...I am definitely going to do it as I don't want to chance another dilated band.  I'm so excited as I've been approved by my insurance!!  Now just waiting for lapband removal date and with any luck I'll have bypass by August.  Definitely nervous, but I'm getting older and need to be healthy!!  I really need to be successful !

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